Pieni’s Highlights of 2013

Given my passion for live music, I’ll start by listing the 5 gigs I’ve enjoyed the most this year:
 photo IMG_4794_zps0dd3019d.jpg

  1. Hardcore Superstar at Koko (London)
  2. The End Of Grace at Rockbitch Boat (Baltic Sea)
  3. Hypocrisy at Hard Club (Porto)
  4. Skid Row at Electric Ballroom (London)
  5. Def Leppard at Palacio Vistalegre (Madrid)

Of course the shows can’t roll on without new music here and there, so now I give you my top-5 of releases:
 photo 1234008_627925483896416_1684230138_n_zps345c1659.jpg

  1. “Lost in Transition” by The End Of Grace
  2. “Wrong Side Of Heaven and Righteous Side Of Hell – vol. 1” by Five Finger Death Punch
  3. “C’mon Take On Me” by Hardcore Superstar
  4. “Daggers” by The Defiled
  5. “The Living Infinite” by Soilwork

In a time where live and lyric videos are getting so much popular, I’d like to show my appreciation for those who can afford to go beyond that:

  1. “Unspoken” by The Defiled
  2. “There Are Those Who Kill Violently” by Dementia 13
  3. “Hit On The Radio” by Blowsight
  4. “Rise Above The Sentiment” by Soilwork
  5. “California” by CrashDïet

Last but not least, my top-5 anticipations for 2014:
 photo teog2013_zps2629e216.jpg

  1. The End Of Grace – if I was all hyped with just an EP, I can’t wait to hear the full length!
  2. Sonic Syndicate – their hiatus is finally over, I’m super excited about their return.
  3. Sister – I only paid attention to them recently, but they won me over! I sure want to know what else they’ve got.
  4. Equaleft – those groovy Portuguese guys are preparing something big.
  5. Man.Machine.Industry – it’s been announced they’re changing things a bit… Let’s see what those changes are.

Happy New Year everyone!

Renata “Pieni” Lino

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