Nasty Idols frontman Andy Pierce dies aged 45

Frontman of legendary Swedish rockers Nasty Idols Anders Persson, better known by his stage name Andy Pierce, died on Thursday 5th December suffering from a brain haemorrhage at his girlfriend’s home in Denmark. He was aged 45 at the time of his passing. Nasty Idols guitarist Peter Espinoza told the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan:

We, the band members, have been talking a lot and it is a shock. It goes up and down. One second you’re not thinking about it, and then the next second, it hits you like a bomb. It’s terribly sad. Andy was a very funny human being. We were always having minor quibbles at gig time. My hair is falling off, it happens to most people sooner or later, and he always said, ‘It’s cool that you’re going bald, but wouldn’t it be cooler with a baseball cap?’ We were always giving each other friendly jabs like that. He was a truly wonderful and funny person.

Formed in Malmö in 1987 by Pierce and bassist Dick Qwarfort, Nasty Idols released their first single, Don’t Walk From Love, the following year. The band’s debut album, Gigolos On Parole, came out in 1989, earning them the status of one of the hottest new rock acts in Scandinavia. Their second album, Cruel Intention, was recorded in 1990 between gigs and tours just as the L.A sleaze and glam rock scene was at its peak. Following the release of Cruel Intention in 1991, Nasty Idols became icons in the genre and their music videos for Cool Way Of Living, Can’t Get Ya’ Off My Mind and Trashed N’ Dirty were in rotation on MTV’s Headbangers Ball.

Nasty Idols disbanded in 1995 following the recording of their fourth album, Heroes For Sale. They eventually reunited in 2006 for the Rejects On The Road Tour and issued a comeback album, Boys Town, in 2009. Their final studio album, Kalifornia, came out in 2012.

Nasty Idols online:


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