BlackShore – Terror

Released 15th November 2013
Black Metal
Released via BlackSkull Records

 photo BlackShore-Terror-Artwork_zps48310085.jpg

‘Terror’ is the third album from the German black metal band Blackshore. It is the follow-up to their 2011 album ‘Legion’. The band has gained recognition within the scene thanks to successful tours with Taake and Horna.

After the dictatorial voice in a movie sample intro, the title track reveals its true colours as a fine example of fast and reasonably raw-sounding black metal akin to the likes of Ragnarok. The vocals are the of standard harsh variety that you can expect from the genre, the only major difference being that these guys also do the occassional song in German, like Panzervergnügen for example.

Then, just when you think that you’ve got it all figured out, they unleash a surprise that you never saw coming – Troublemakers Black Metal; a catchy, blackened thrash metal track with some punk undertones present in both the “rocking” Mötörhead guitar style and the tongue’n’cheek lyrical themes. There’s also some Marduk-esque guitar pummeling and fast drumming on tracks such as Prayer To The Bombs and in parts of Benthams Panoptikon. Dimension Ärger positions itself firmly in the blackened thrash metal/black-thrash genre creating a steady balance between the catchy, rocking guitar riffage and the somewhat abrasive vocals. The punk influences resurface towards the latter half of the track mimicking a style similar to that of Driller Killer.

Yet the band saved the biggest surprise for the big finale with a ballad called U–Bootomagie featuring weird mixture of dark ambient, complete with u-boat sonar noises, and the somewhat cheesy sounding yet ultra catchy blackthrash assault of “U-Boat Terror” in the second half of the song. So, the lyrics are a little bit ridiculous but it’s all in the bame of good fun.

Overall this has been an interesting journey into the wonderfully diverse world of German black metal. I expected a German equivalent of Marduk, what I got was a bizarre hybrid of them plus Ragnarok along with Driller Killer and Mötorhead added to the mix.


Iza Raittila

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