Bog – Morok – Industrialypse

Bog Morok
Released 21st October 2013
Industrial Metal/ “Space Metal”
Released via More Hate Productions

 photo Frontcover1_zpsaa2e835d.jpg

‘Industrialypse’ is the new album from the Russian industrial metal band Bog Morok. It is the follow-up to the self-released ‘Декаданс’ and the EP ‘Неизбежность’. Originally a doom/death metal solo project founded by Morok back in 1997, the band has gone through numerous changes in both line-up and their musical style. This album sees them move towards a more industrial sound and features a cover of Fantomas Der Golem.

First up is the title track which comes complete with electronica; programming and synths galore. The near nu-metal-esque vocal style and guitar patterns make me think of Digimortal-era Fear Factory. Hell, even the drumming style is similar… As the subsequent tracks show, these guys are not afraid to sing in their native tongue. A very bold move, though I’m not entirely convinced that it works to their advantage.

Не вижу зла (Stadiae III), is another Russian lyric track that stands out mostly due to the downright bizarre-sounding, eerie keyboard intro and some equally odd-sounding vocal samples. It makes you wonder what sort of drugs these guys took during the recording process. Oddly enough, the aforementioned track also features a handful of decent guitar melodies and solos sandwiched between the bizarre cacophony of vocals and space metal tunes. There’s even some techno elements on here such as the dance-friendly keyboard intro to Neizbezhnost. Other noteworthy tracks include the electronic ballad Shapeshifter ,which sounds like a bastard offspring of Fear Factory and The Kovenant, and IDDQD which features some pleasant sounding keyboard melodies towards the end of the track.

Overall I’m not sure whether or not the metal scene is ready for a Russian equivalent of Fear Factory. To say that this album is experimental would be an understatement. My advice would be to approach this with caution and prepare for the unexpected when the Bog Morok spaceship lands in your area.


Iza Raittila

3 Responses to “Bog – Morok – Industrialypse”

  1. This is great album!! It deserves 5 out of 5! BOG-MOROK rules!!!

  2. Very interesting and strange band. Sometimes similar to Fear Factory, but these guys play original music basically.

  3. amazing album! cant stop listening to it.

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