Sabaton announce new drummer

The Swedish power metal band Sabaton have just announced that Hannes Van Dahl (ex-Evergrey) will replace Robban Bäck and Snowy Shaw as their permanent drummer.

Van Dahl had previously worked as a drum technician for Snowy during his time in Sabaton. He played his first show with Sabaton this weekend at the Metal Hammer Paradise festival in Germany.
Here is the official statement from the band:

“For some time there has been rumors about Robban coming back soon, or that Snowy would fill in for a while longer, or even take Robbans place permanently behind the drums.

To put an end to these rumors we now present our new full time member in Sabaton: Hannes Van Dahl.

We would of course like to thank Robban and Snowy for their great time in Sabaton, and we will continue to support them in everything they will do in the future!

In just a few weeks we will start recording a new album and more details will be presented very soon!”

 photo sabaton_zps4b13c637.jpg

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