Pagan metallers Draugr call it a day, final show details announced

In the same year of Draugr’s tenth anniversary, which the band have been celebrating, is the same year that they’ve decided to call it a day. The Italian metal unit’s music has paid tribute to the band’s Pagan ancestors and the history of the Abruzzo region of Italy for a decade. In a statement that Draugr released in both Italian and English explaining the decision to disband; the band stated:

As friends, brothers and the ‘ legio linteata’ we announce our decision today to bring to an end the experience that is Draugr. Having arrived at the threshold of 2014, we decided to bring to a close this chapter in our lives that has been so important to us, in order that we may follow different artistic paths. We thank all those who have taken part in the project over the years, and especially the fans for their support. Our last show will take place on December 22 in Pescara and we will shortly be revealing more details about it.

Draugr’s debut album Nocturnal Pagan Supremacy was released on Christhunt Productions in 2006.  Keyboards were added to the band in 2007, creating the much more epic feel which Draugr describes as “Italic Hordish Metal”.  The sophomore album, De Ferro Italico, appeared on To React Records in 2011.  Today’s line up includes Nemesis on Vocals, Triumphator and Mors on Guitars, Ursus Arctos on Keyboards, Stolas on Bass and Jonny on Drums.
Draugr‘s final performance will take place at the Tipogragfia in Pescara, Italy, on the 22nd December.

Draugr online:


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