Generation Kill release 2nd video about “We’re All Gonna Die”

 photo generation_kill_zpsd759679d.png

After posting a first video (see here) where Rob Dukes and Rob Moschetti talked about the making of their upcoming album “We’re All Gonna Die” (to be released on November 18th via Nuclear Blast), Generation Kill have now released the second part of that interview, where the singer and the bass player tell how touring played a big role in the writing process of the album:

Also a lyric video for the track “Prophets Of War” has recently been posted on YouTube:

“I wrote ‘Prophets Of War’ after watching the documentary ‘The world according to Dick Cheney’. He is such a delusional man with absolutely no conscience. Pure fucking evil. I guess I’ve always known they don’t really care about anyone but themselves but this cemented the realisation into my soul that every soldier that dies or is wounded, weighs nothing on this man’s conscience. He takes no responsibility at all, and it’s all about money. Money and power.”, says Dukes.

Generation Kill online:

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