Running Wild release new album

 photo RunningWild_zps0d59ea71.jpg

Today sees the release of legendary Running Wild‘s 15th album, “Resilient”. Jewel case, digipack and LP versions available:

1. Soldiers Of Fortune
2. Resilient
3. Adventure Highway
4. The Drift
5. Desert Rose
6. Fireheart
7. Run Riot
8. Down To The Wire
9. Crystal Gold
10. Bloody Island
11. Payola & Shenanigans (digipack bonus track)
12. Premonition (digipack bonus track)

Apart from the bonus tracks, the limited edition of the digipack will also include a poster. As for the double gatefold LP, it will come with printed innersleeves and blue marbled vinyl.

Meanwhile, Vimeo has released the first and second out of five videos of frontman Rock’n’Rolf answering to fan questions:

Fan interview – part 1
Fan interview – part 2

Check out the band’s new homepage and follow them on Facebook:


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