Pitch Black Records welcomes Stonecast and Artical

 photo SC1_1_zpsb062f5c5.jpg

French heavy/power metallers Stonecast (that now feature legendary drummer Kenny Earl “Rhino”) have signed with Pitch Black Records. The upcoming album “Heroikos” is scheduled for release on November 12th, marking the label’s last release for 2013.

Track-list is as follows:

  1. Jakuta (cult of the bolthrower)
  2. The Barbaric Rhyme
  3. Elysean Winds
  4. Triumph
  5. Substance
  6. Of Fire and Ice
  7. Kings Unborn
  8. Gods of Dust
  9. The Place
  10. Savage Princes


 photo artical_zps78c2ea31.jpg

Also Greek power metal act Artical is now part of the Pitch Black family, and like Stonecast, their new album (already the third) “Illusion X” will see the light of day on November 12th, with the following track-list:

  1. Look in the Mirror
  2. Chasing my Life
  3. I am so Different
  4. Follow the Light
  5. Wings of Time
  6. Run Like the Wind
  7. Illusion X
  8. Mother


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