Kreator – Dying Alive

Dying Alive
Released 30th August 2013
Thrash Metal
Released via Nuclear Blast

 photo dyingalive_zpsf0a1b49f.jpg

‘Dying Alive’ is the new live album from the legendary German thrash metal band Kreator. It was recorded on 22 December, 2012 at Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen, Germany. It is available in multiple formats including a stand-alone, limited edition CD, DVD and CD combo and Blue Ray and CD combo. This review is for the limited 2CD edition which includes a few bonus tracks.

After a brief intro complete with the songs of cheering crowds chanting the bands name, it’s straight into the first song, the title track from their latest album Phatom Antichrist. I’m assuming that Kreator fans know exactly what to expect from their idols but for small number of you unfamiliar with the band, here’s a short description of their signature sound: it’s basically fast, energetic old school thrash metal with guitar riffs ripping their way through each track plus powerful drumming along with the occasional melodic guitar solo and shouting-style vocals.

As with any live CD, it’s always interesting to hear the band as they talk to the crowd. It’s times like this when I wish I could have been there as it must have been a great show. As their charismatic singer Mille Petrozza shouts at the crowds, you’re almost tempted to stick your hands in the air and wave whilst head-banging in an attempt to replicate the live show experience in your own living room. Just close your eyes and envision yourself near the front of the crowd staring at the stage. Anyway back to the music…There’s a healthy mix of old and new Kreator tracks with some old favourites such as the ultra catchy Phobia (from their 1997 album ‘Outcast’) and Endless Pain (the title track from their debut album) played alongside newer songs such as Hordes of Chaos and the mosh-pit favourite Death To The World. Other noteworthy tracks include Extreme Aggressions and People of The Lie which have that old thrash metal sound to it thanks to the emphasis on the guitar solos. They have also added a handful of intros inbetween the tracks providing a break for both the band and their fans.

Overall I have to say that although I’m not the biggest fan of live albums this is one of the best ones I’ve heard in years. Kreator fans won’t need any more convincing to buy this release, new fans of the band are probably better off checking out ‘Phatom Antichrist’ or the one of their compilation albums first.


Iza Raittila

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