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Airbag reveal artwork and track list for 3rd album “The Greatest Show On Earth”

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 photo AirbagPR_zps7a99b94b.jpg

Norwegian prog-rockers Airbag are completing the making of their 3rd album “The Greatest Show On Earth”, whose 50 minutes of emotions will be distributed by the following six tracks:

1. Surveillance (part 1)
2. Redemption
3. Silence Grows
4. Call Me Back
5. The Greatest Show on Eart
6. Surveillance (part 2-3)

 photo AirbagPR1_zpsfdc19244.jpg

This album seems to have a rougher and heavier edge, yet without changing the original Airbag identity. Here’s a teaser of what’s to come, taken from the band’s YouTube channel:

Airbag online:

Karisma Records

Battle Beast have a message for their UK fans and also a new lyrics video

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 photo bbeast_zpsbc9025b1.jpg

As we told you before (read here), Battle Beast will be joining their label mates Ashes Of Ares in support of the upcoming European tour of Powerwolf. This tour includes a show in London (27th September, The Underworld Camden) and so the Finns filmed a short message to their UK fans about this gig:

Promoting their self-titled second album, released last May via Nuclear Blast, a lyrics video for the track “Over The Top” has been posted online a few days ago:

You can order the CD here:
CD –
iTunes –

Battle Beast online:

Nuclear Blast Records online:

Demonic Christ sign with Hells Headbangers and announce US tour with Ptahil

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 photo demonicchrist-bandsmall_zpsbff27ff4.jpg

Hells Headbangers is proud to announce that they’ve just taken Demonic Christ under their wing. Fronted by Dana Duffey, the Ohio band has achieved a legend-status in the black metal underground since their debut – and only – full length, “Punishment For Ignorance” (1995). 18 years later, they’re about to finish their second album “The Great Purge”, from which you can have a taste in the form of “Archangel Revelation”, here.

To celebrate and promote this new work, Demonic Christ will support Ptahil in the Summoning The Serpent Fire Tour, a 7-show ride that will stop in five American states and two Canadian cities:

 photo demonicchrist-tourflyersmall_zpsa3f02264.jpg

The venues are, respectively, Carabar, The Sidebar, Dusk, O’Brien’s Pub, Broadway Joes Bar and Grille, Comfort Zone Bar & Grill and Théâtre Plaza (Messe Des Mortes III festival).

Band’s Facebook.

Label’s website.

Cold Snap – World War 3

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Cold Snap
World War 3
Released 9th September 2013
Groove Metal/ Nu-Metal

 photo WorldWar3cover_zps4af083b1.jpg

World War 3′ is the third album from the Croatian groove metal band Cold Snap. It is the follow up to ‘Perfection’ which was released back in 2010.

Ok, now before I start let’s just clarify one thing – there’s a thin line between groove metal and nu-metal. Most bands tend to stay on either side of that line and rarely do they cross over. There are exceptions to this rule with bands such as Devildriver making that drastic change towards groove metal/melodic death metal. Alas, this is not the case here. Oh no, make on mistake about it, this is nu-metal.

The songs like to follow the same pattern as more renowned nu-metal bands such as Disturbed, Slipknot, System of a Down, Papa Roach and even, dare I say it… Korn. Take the tracks Rise Again and Monster for instance, they sounds almost like a homage to Korn. Both of these feature the same stop-start, ”groove” guitar patterns and clear vocals that occasionally switch between whispers and shouts. I don’t even know where to begin describing the problem with Freedom; it’s clearly a filler track which sounds like somebody scratching an already badly damaged vinyl disc. There’s no vocals, guitars or even anything remotely resembling a musical instrument on there. What a waste. The rest of the album pretty much follows the aforementioned pattern. The only song that comes close to groove metal is the first part of the ballad ‘My Emptiness‘, sadly that’s not enough to redeem the album.

Nothing new here, just another band trying to revive a genre that should have died a slow death in the early part of this century. Please stop!


Iza Raittila

Grand Magus enter studio to record new album

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Swedish riff lords Grand Magus have recently entered the studio to begin recording for their follow-up to last year’s crushign album The Hunt. With demoing and pre-production complete, the recording process can begin. Once again, the band have picked as their producer Nico Elgstrand, who produced the last album; The Hunt. The band are also joined by the engineering force that is Staffan Karlsson, at Studio Sweetpot in Halmstad, who has worked with Arch Enemy  and mixed the most recent record for Spiritual Beggars. Drummer Ludwig “Ludde” Witt comments:

The time has come! Warriors! Things have been quiet around here recently, you know us well enough to know that we haven’t been sitting around idly though… We have finished writing our new album and we enter the studio!!! Monday the 2 of September marks the start of our new journey. The result will be something to behold. That is a promise. You want something heavy? You’ll get it. This will be our strongest album to date.

The band also added:

The Magus have been busy bees with an elaborate pre-production phase, meaning that we have demoed all the tracks and it certainly pays off now. The recordings proper started off this Monday and we already have some killer basic tracks brewing. We are working simultaneously on several tracks to ensure flow and proper impact. It feels like it’s going to be something extremely powerful this time… The drums are killer and with the perfect touch we’ve learned to expect from Ludwig, there will be a wall of ferocious guitars and grinding bass guitar that will shake the bowels. Among other things we worked today on Holmgång which has a lot of riffing going on and we think the guitar sound is the best we’ve ever had on a recording. Pure power!

In related news, Grand Magus will be returning to the UK in March 2014. Dates are as follow:

March 12th – Manchester, Sound Control
March 13th – Dublin, The Pint
March 14th – Hammerfest
March 15th – Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms
March 16th – London, Camden Underworld

Grand Magus online:

Testament post video track from Dark Roots Of Thrash online

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Dark Roots of Thrash, a DVD/CD release which documents Testament‘s sold-out headlining show at the Paramount in Huntington, New York in February earlier this year, will be made available on 14th October. In the mean time, the band are now teasing fans by releasing the live video for Rise Up, taken from the aforementioned DVD. The video can be viewed below.

Dark Roots Of Thrash was produced by Get Hammered Productions, directed by Tommy Jones (Death Angel, KataklysmSoilwork) and mixed by Juan Urteaga (Exodus, SadusMachine Head). It captures a total of 19 live tracks with countless cams onstage and high above the audience, plus a special moshpit cam that makes you feel like you’re a part of the show! Testament vocalist Chuck Billy added:

For all you die hard metal heads out there Dark Roots Of Thrash is a must have for your collection. This live DVD and CD is something you can put in you player and crank up for the feeling of a live Testament performance! You will get 18 songs from the early days of thrash metal to where we are today. Heavy metal forever!

Darks Roots Of Thrash will be made available in a variety of different formats including the standard DVD+2CD and 2CD versions and a limited Blu-ray + 2CD (Europe only), LP (Europe only).

Dark Roots Of Earth DVD/2CD track list:

01. Intro
02. Rise Up
03. More Than Meets The Eye
04. Burnt Offerings
05. Native Blood
06. True American Hate
07. Dark Roots Of Earth
08. Into The Pit
09. Practice What You Preach
10. Riding The Snake
11. Eyes Of Wrath
12. Trial By Fire
13. The Haunting
14. The New Order
15. Do Not Resuscitate
16. Three Days In Darkness
17. The Formation Of Damnation
18. Over The Wall
19. Disciples Of The Watch
20. Credits
21. Backstage Footage
22. Native Blood (Video Clip)

01. Intro
02. Rise Up
03. More Than Meets The Eye
04. Burnt Offerings
05. Native Blood
06. True American Hate
07. Dark Roots Of Earth
08. Into The Pit
09. Practice What You Preach

01. Riding The Snake
02. Eyes Of Wrath
03. Trial By Fire
04. The Haunting
05. The New Order
06. Do Not Resuscitate
07. Three Days In Darkness
08. The Formation Of Damnation
09. Over The Wall
10. Disciples Of The Watch

Dark Roots Of Earth 2 CD track list:

01. Intro
02. Rise Up
03. More Than Meets The Eye
04. Burnt Offerings
05. Native Blood
06. True American Hate
07. Dark Roots Of Earth
08. Into The Pit
09. Practice What You Preach

01. Riding The Snake
02. Eyes Of Wrath
03. Trial By Fire
04. The Haunting
05. The New Order
06. Do Not Resuscitate
07. Three Days In Darkness
08. The Formation Of Damnation
09. Over The Wall
10. Disciples Of The Watch

Testament online:

Eyes Set To Kill stream new album

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Eyes Set To Kill are streaming their new album, Masks, in its entirety at this location. The stream also includes a track-by-track description of the album by the band themselves. This is your best chance to hear the new album before it comes out through Century Media next week on 23rd September.

Eyes Set To Kill online:


Chthonic announced as main support to Satyricon on 36 date Euro tour

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Symphonic orient metallers Chthonic have been announced as main support on Satyricon‘s 36-date European tour which will kick off on 7th November in Copenhagen, Denmark. The tour will see Chthonic visiting a number of European cities as well as their return to the UK since their Download appearance earlier this year. Chthonic‘s bassist Doris Yeh comments:

This is our first European tour following the release of our current album, Bu-Tik, and it’s great to be able to visit so many places. For some countries, like Sweden, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Italy and Spain, it will be the first time Chthonic has been there, so we are very excited to play for those fans we haven’t had the chance to reach in the past.

UK tour dates are as follow:


Chthonic online:


AC Angry – Black Denim

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AC Angry
Black Denim
Released 25th October 2013
Rock n’ Roll
Release via Dust On The Tracks Records

 photo AC_Angry_BlackDenim_scaled_zps786c87fc.jpg

Black Denim’ is the debut album from the German rock band AC Angry. Since their formation last year, the band have supported legendary heavy metal acts such as Saxon and Anvil.

Once you get past the cheesy-sounding song titles, you’re treated to some rather catchy, easy going rock’n’roll music with a certain punk rock attitude. This is similar to the Danish band Helltrain, the only difference being that these guys take their influences more from rock and heavy metal as opposed to death metal and rock’n’roll. The choruses are easy to follow and sing along to, and the guitars give each track that ‘happy feel’. Rock’n’Roller Roller Rolla is a typical example of this style – short, catchy and definitely uplifting. There’s also the ballad It’s Good To Be Bad which has a much slower pace and the lyrics seem a little bit more serious.

The title track features more guitar solos and the chorus sounds like an anthem befitting a motorcycle gang. Speaking of motorbikes, there’s even a song called “Motor”on here with lyrics such as “…keep them comin’, I’ve got the motor runnin’”. Yes, it’s time to dust off those black denim/ leather jackets, get on your bike and start the joyride heading straight to hell!

3.5 /5

Iza Raittila

Eudaimony set release date for debut album “Futile”

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 photo Eudaimony_PR_zpsf92206f5.jpg

Eudaimony is the offspring of ex-Dark FortressMatthias Jell and Naglfar‘s Marcus E. Norman, although they claim that this isn’t “about Black Metal or any other specific genre, Eudaimony is about abysmal emotions with all the bleakness life has to give.”

The debut album “Futile” will be released on November 29th via Cold Dimensions and will feature guest appearances by Mick Moss of Antimatter and Schwadorf of Empyrium and The Vision Bleak. The title-track is available for streaming at Soundcloud:

 photo Frontcover_futile_newPR_zpsd2d57cfb.jpg

Track list:
1. Ways to Indifference
2. Mute
3. A Window in the Attic
4. Futile
5. Portraits (guest vocals by Mick Moss)
6. Cold
7. Godforsaken
8. December’s Hearse (guest vocals by Schwadorf)

More information about Eudaimony can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

Broken Hope unveil new track from upcoming album

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 photo broken_hope2_zps60877533.jpg

Four years after “Grotesque Blessings”, Chicago death metal Broken Hope are back with “Omen Of Disease”. The band’s sixth full-length is scheduled for release on September 30th in Europe and October 1st in the US, via Century Media Records.

You can now take a listen on YouTube to one of its songs, “The Docking Dead” – an insane track that talks about the creation of zombies through a process of putting together human body parts:

The album will be available on CD with a Wes Benscoter cover art, a limited vinyl edition with an alternative cover, and also a digital version. You can pre-order “Omen Of Disease” here:

Broken Hope online:

Century Media Records online:

Zebrahead release new video and announce a couple of shows at The Barfly

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 photo zebrahead_zps4defbfdd.png

Punk rockers Zebrahead, who have released their tenth studio album “Call Your Friends” last month, have a new video for the rap/rock/punk track “I’m Just Here For The Free Beer”:

On November 2nd, the Californian band will pay a visit to London and play two shows at Camden Barfly: an 18+ evening show (that’s already sold out) and a matinee show for 14+ (under 16-year-olds must be accompanied by an adult).

Zebrahead online:

Rude Records online:

Watain announce tour through the old world

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Swedish black metallers Watain recently released their latest offering of black metal hymns in the form of The Wild Hunt which impressed both fans and media alike. Following their extensive North America tour in October and November, the band will set fire to European stages to present their new musician opus live. Those who witnessed Watain‘s album release show in Uppsala, Sweden last month will know exactly what to expect while  those who missed it will have to remain curious and is advised to not miss it. The band comments:

It will be with the dead of winter that we shall come hunting through Europe again. By then the dry heat of summer will be long gone, moistened by gasoline and tears, ready to explode into a storm of panic and euphoria, death and metal, war and pain, sodomy and lust! So gather yourselves and prepare, forbidden fires and unearthly lights shall illuminate the winter nights…

UK tour dates are as follow:

05.12.2013 Manchester, Academy 2
06.12.2103 Glasgow, Garage
07.12.2013 Birmingham, The Library @ The Institute
08.12.2013 London, Electric Ballroom

Watain online:

Taberah – Necromancer

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Released 13th September 2013
Heavy Metal/ Hard Rock
Released via Dust On The Tracks Records

 photo necromancercover_zpsa2937459.jpg

‘Necromancer’ is the second album from the Tasmania-based, Australian heavy metal band Taberah. This is the follow-up to their 2011 debut ‘The Light of Which I Dream’ and it features artwork by the Tasmanian tattoo artist Hannah Flowers as well as a cover of Deep Purple’s Burn. The band have recently supported Motörhead at one of their shows after Lemmy Kilmister discovered and chose them to open up for his band.

Straight from the get-go you’re in for a wall of guitar riffs with 2012 offering a catchy start to the album with the hard rock style vocals and guitar solos. It doesn’t stop there either. Oh no, this album is full of catchy, energetic, rocking tunes that are just screaming for an audience of air-guitar enthusiasts to join in the fun. As far as genre classifications go this is sandwiched somewhere between traditional heavy metal, hard rock with a tinge of thrash metal added to the mix.

Burning In The Moonlight features the aforementioned guitar melodies as well as a chorus with the backing singers joining in as if to encourage you to sing along. The title track has enough guitar solos to keep any rocker/metalhead busy trying to find that perfect air-guitar pose or head-bang along to the chorus. Yet it’s not all fast paced, guitar-focused hard rock, this album also features the odd ballad – Don’t Say You’ll Love Me Forever which provides a sharp contrast compared to the previous tracks due to the inclusion of an acoustic guitar and much slower pace. After that it’s back to good old catchy heavy metal for the reminder of this release.

So there you have it. A very catchy and enjoyable heavy metal album.


Iza Raittila

Svartsot and Old Corpse Road confirmed to play York

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Once again, Asgard are another night of furious metal to the city of York at the end of the Jorvik Viking Festival. This year will see the show headlined by Danish metal titans Svartsot who have never headlined a show on British shores. This will also be the band’s first ever UK show. Joining them as main support are one of the UK’s finest black metal covens: Old Corpse Road, who hail from the dusky location of Darlington. Drawing heavily on British folklore for their influence, Old Corpse Road are the perfect addition to the bill. The opening act is to be confirmed.

The show will take place on 22nd February 2014 at Fibbers in York. Tickets will be available soon from Asgard as well as the venue and other ticket outlets.

Svartsot online:


Crystal Antlers release video for “Rattlesnake” and announce extensive US tour

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 photo crystalantlers_zpsfc365fa4.png

Crystal Antlers‘ third album “Nothing Is Real” will be released on October 14th via Innovative Leisure. In order to promote it. they’ve just released a video for the track “Rattlesnake”, directed by surf / skate / graffiti legend CR Stecyk III:

An extensive US tour will kick off two days after the album release. Dates are as follows:
10/16 – Soda Bar – San Diego, CA
10/17 – Last Exit Live – Phoenix, AZ
10/19 – Mohawk Inside Room – Austin, TX
10/20 – The Foundry – Dallas, TX
10/21 – Hi-Tone Cafe – Memphis, TN
10/22 – The End – Nashville, TN
10/23 – Drunken Unicorn – Atlanta, GA
10/24 – The Moth Light – Asheville, NC
10/25 – The Pinhook – Durham, NC
10/26 – Comet Ping Pong – Washington, DC
10/27 – Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
10/28 – Glasslands Gallery – Brooklyn, NY
10/30 – Il Motore – Montreal, QC
10/31 – Zaphod Beeblebrox – Ottawa, ON
11/01 – Silver Dollar – Toronto, ON
11/02 – Call the Office – London, ON
11/03 – Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL
11/05 – Replay Lounge – Lawrence, KS
11/06 – Moe’s – Denver, CO
11/07 – Kilby Court – Salt Lake City, UT
11/08 – Neurolux – Boise, ID
11/09 – Bunk Bar – Portland, OR
11/10 – Electric Owl – Vancouver, BC
11/11 – Comet Tavern – Seattle, WA
11/13 – Hemlock Tavern – San Francisco, CA

Crystal Antlers online:

Voodoo Six and The Treatment announce Germany tour

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 photo image001_zps4a789f56.png

German Rock Hard magazine will endorse a 6-date tour of Voodoo Six, The Treatment and Sacred Mother Tongue.

After a successful European tour supporting Iron Maiden, Voodoo Six will now headline their own show in Germany, after a co-headlining UK tour with Sacred Mother Tongue. Still under the promotion of their second full-length, “Songs To Invade Countries To”, a new single/video should be release by the time they hit Germany.

 photo voodoosix_zpsa081a11d.jpg

For The Treatment, whose second album is schedule for release early next year, this tour is a warm-up for the following UK tour in support of Airbourne.

 photo THETREATMENT_020513_427_zps93231b69.jpg

Voodoo Six + Sacred Mother Tongue UK dates:

Voodoo Six + The Treatment + Sacred Mother Tongue Germany dates:

Airbourne + The Treatment UK dates:
6th Dec. O2 ABC, GLASGOW
11th Dec. 02 ACADEMY, OXFORD

Iwrestledabearonce debut video for Letters To Stallone

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Iwrestledabearonce today debuted the new video for Letters To Stallone, which can be viewed down below. The track is taken from the band’s latest album Late For Nothing. The video for Letters To Stallone features live, backstage and road footage compiled from the band’s recent European tour.

In related news, Iwrestledabearonce will be touring the Us next month, with the tour kicking off on 10th October. The tour will last a month, ending on 10th November. Tour dates are as follow:

Oct 10 – Metairie, LA – The Cypress
Oct 11 – Corpus Christi, TX – House of Rock
Oct 12 – San Antonio, TX – White Rabbit
Oct 13 – Dallas, TX – The Door
Oct 14 – Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater
Oct 16 – Scottsdale, AZ – Pub Rock
Oct 17 – Anaheim, CA – Chain Reaction
Oct 18 – San Diego, CA – Soma
Oct 19 – West Hollywood, CA – The Roxy
Oct 20 – Sacramento, CA – Ace of Spades
Oct 21 – Salt Lake City, UT – In The Venue
Oct 22 – Denver, CO – Marquis Theatre
Oct 24 – Des Moines, IA – Wooly’s
Oct 25 – Minneapolis, MN – Skyway Theater
Oct 26 – Joliet, IL – Mojoe’s
Oct 27 – Indianapolis, IN – Emerson Theatre
Oct 28 – Cleveland, OH – Peabody’s
Oct 29 – Pontiac, MI – The Crofoot Ballroom
Oct 30 – Jeannette, PA – Gators
Oct 31 – Syracuse, NY – Lost Horizon
Nov 1 – Worcester, MA – The Palladium
Nov 4 – New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
Nov 5 – Richmond, VA – Kingdom
Nov 6 – Greensboro, NC – Greene Street
Nov 7 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
Nov 8 – Tampa, FL – The Orpheum
Nov 9 – Lake Worth, FL – The Speakeasy
Nov 10 – Jacksonville, FL – Roc Bar

Iwrestledabearonce online:


Her Dying Regret stream Legacy in full at Two Guys Metal Reviews

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With less than a week until the release of LegacyHer Dying Regret have teamed up with the guys at Two Guys Metal Reviews to stream the EP in its entirety.

The EP can be streamed at this location.

Legacy Track Listing:
01 Intro
02 Ashes
03 All Judge, No Jury
04 The Shallow
05 Legacy
06 The Last Lie
07 The Filthy Truth

Her Dying Regret online:


Protest The Hero announce headline Euro tour dates with Tesseract and The Safety Fire

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Following their highly successful crowd funding campaign with Indiegogo, Protest The Hero have announced quite happily the company will be the sponsors of their first UK and European tour of the Violation album cycle. the tour will be begin 6th January next year in Germany and will end in Holland a month later on 8th February. Supporting Protest The Hero are UK bands Tesseract and The Safety Fire, plus Toronto-based band Intervals.

Violation is scheduled for release in the UK via Spinefarm Records on 28th October with other European countries matching this release date as closely as possible. The band will also be touring the US and Canada in November and December. UK dates are as follow:

01.02.14 UK Brighton @ Concorde 2
02.02.14 UK Birmingham @ O2 Academy2
04.02.14 UK Sheffield @ Corporation
05.02.14 UK Glasgow @ Classic Grand
06.02.14 UK Manchester @ Academy2
07.02.14 UK London @ The Electric Ballroom

Protest The Hero online: