Deicide announce release date for new album

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The release date for Deicide‘s 11th studio album “In The Minds Of Evil” has been set for November 25th. Produced by Jason Suecoff and using Simon Cowell‘s painting “Power Of The Mind” as cover , it gives you eleven new tracks of what frontman Glen Benton claims to be “like King Kong taking a shit on a daisy”.

1. In The Minds Of Evil
2. Thou Begone
3. Godkill
4. Beyond Salvation
5. Misery Of One
6. Between The Flesh And The Void
7. Even The Gods Can Bleed
8. Trample The Cross
9. Fallen To Silence
10. Kill The Light Of Christ
11. End The Wrath Of God

Deicide online:

Century Media Records online:

2 Responses to “Deicide announce release date for new album”

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  2. […] Deicide have released on YouTube the title-track of their upcoming album, “In The Minds Of Evil”. The album will be out on November 25th via Century Media Records (more details here). […]

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