AC Angry – Black Denim

AC Angry
Black Denim
Released 25th October 2013
Rock n’ Roll
Release via Dust On The Tracks Records

 photo AC_Angry_BlackDenim_scaled_zps786c87fc.jpg

Black Denim’ is the debut album from the German rock band AC Angry. Since their formation last year, the band have supported legendary heavy metal acts such as Saxon and Anvil.

Once you get past the cheesy-sounding song titles, you’re treated to some rather catchy, easy going rock’n’roll music with a certain punk rock attitude. This is similar to the Danish band Helltrain, the only difference being that these guys take their influences more from rock and heavy metal as opposed to death metal and rock’n’roll. The choruses are easy to follow and sing along to, and the guitars give each track that ‘happy feel’. Rock’n’Roller Roller Rolla is a typical example of this style – short, catchy and definitely uplifting. There’s also the ballad It’s Good To Be Bad which has a much slower pace and the lyrics seem a little bit more serious.

The title track features more guitar solos and the chorus sounds like an anthem befitting a motorcycle gang. Speaking of motorbikes, there’s even a song called “Motor”on here with lyrics such as “…keep them comin’, I’ve got the motor runnin’”. Yes, it’s time to dust off those black denim/ leather jackets, get on your bike and start the joyride heading straight to hell!

3.5 /5

Iza Raittila

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