Eudaimony set release date for debut album “Futile”

 photo Eudaimony_PR_zpsf92206f5.jpg

Eudaimony is the offspring of ex-Dark FortressMatthias Jell and Naglfar‘s Marcus E. Norman, although they claim that this isn’t “about Black Metal or any other specific genre, Eudaimony is about abysmal emotions with all the bleakness life has to give.”

The debut album “Futile” will be released on November 29th via Cold Dimensions and will feature guest appearances by Mick Moss of Antimatter and Schwadorf of Empyrium and The Vision Bleak. The title-track is available for streaming at Soundcloud:

 photo Frontcover_futile_newPR_zpsd2d57cfb.jpg

Track list:
1. Ways to Indifference
2. Mute
3. A Window in the Attic
4. Futile
5. Portraits (guest vocals by Mick Moss)
6. Cold
7. Godforsaken
8. December’s Hearse (guest vocals by Schwadorf)

More information about Eudaimony can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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