Taberah – Necromancer

Released 13th September 2013
Heavy Metal/ Hard Rock
Released via Dust On The Tracks Records

 photo necromancercover_zpsa2937459.jpg

‘Necromancer’ is the second album from the Tasmania-based, Australian heavy metal band Taberah. This is the follow-up to their 2011 debut ‘The Light of Which I Dream’ and it features artwork by the Tasmanian tattoo artist Hannah Flowers as well as a cover of Deep Purple’s Burn. The band have recently supported Motörhead at one of their shows after Lemmy Kilmister discovered and chose them to open up for his band.

Straight from the get-go you’re in for a wall of guitar riffs with 2012 offering a catchy start to the album with the hard rock style vocals and guitar solos. It doesn’t stop there either. Oh no, this album is full of catchy, energetic, rocking tunes that are just screaming for an audience of air-guitar enthusiasts to join in the fun. As far as genre classifications go this is sandwiched somewhere between traditional heavy metal, hard rock with a tinge of thrash metal added to the mix.

Burning In The Moonlight features the aforementioned guitar melodies as well as a chorus with the backing singers joining in as if to encourage you to sing along. The title track has enough guitar solos to keep any rocker/metalhead busy trying to find that perfect air-guitar pose or head-bang along to the chorus. Yet it’s not all fast paced, guitar-focused hard rock, this album also features the odd ballad – Don’t Say You’ll Love Me Forever which provides a sharp contrast compared to the previous tracks due to the inclusion of an acoustic guitar and much slower pace. After that it’s back to good old catchy heavy metal for the reminder of this release.

So there you have it. A very catchy and enjoyable heavy metal album.


Iza Raittila

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