Watain’s ‘The Wild Hunt’ enters the charts

Swedish black metal band Watain have recently entered their national charts in their home country with their new album ‘The Wild Hunt‘ at #1. Even in the second week the album is still in the top five. Elsewhere ‘The Wild Hunt’ is also make waves, reaching #18 in the German charts and #158 in the Billboard Top 200 in the USA. This follows a highly successful, sold-out album release party held in their band’s home city of Uppsala, Sweden last month.

As a token of appreciation to the fans, Watain offers a gift – a free download of the b-side from the ‘All That May Bleed’ 7” single released on Summer Solstice, June 21st, 2013. The Side B is a track called ‘Play with the Devil’ originally recorded by the Black/Heavy Metal band Taiwaz in 1988, in Watain’s hometown Uppsala and features Gottfrid Åhman from In Solitude participates on solo guitar. To access the download click here: http://thewildhunt.se

Here’s a message from their frontman, E.: “It’s always a special feeling to release an album with Watain; to let the levee break and have the hungry waters gush forth again, swallowing everything in its way. Hail to all of our supporters who gave the release of The Wild Hunt the attention and dignity it deserves! See you on the long and winding road that now lies ahead of us.”
 photo Watain_zpsdb106182.jpg


2 Responses to “Watain’s ‘The Wild Hunt’ enters the charts”

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  2. […] Watain’s ‘The Wild Hunt’ enters the charts (valkyrianmusic.com) […]

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