ReVamp’s Floor Jansen give fans track by track run down of Wild Card

ReVamp frontwoman and currently Nightwish touring vocalist Floor Jansen has offered up some insight into the lyrical context that comprises ReVamp’s new Wild Card. The album is due out 26th August. The videos can be viewed below.

Regarding the new album’s lead-off track, Anatomy Of A Nervous Breakdown: On The SidelineFloor shares:

Three songs are connected to this [Anatomy Of A Nervous Breakdown] theme about the burn-out time that I had. I hope that my words make sense to other people who’ve been through something similar or even in completely different situations.  For me it’s good to get rid of certain demons, but it’s not a pure selfish act. I always hope other people can relate to it in a way that fits to their lives.  On The Sideline’is literally about standing on the sideline of my life.  That’s how it felt when I was sick. Everything went on, and I didn’t, and I was just looking at it.  And it also gave me the time to reflect on how things had been. Even though it was scary, I felt blessed with what happened . . . That’s also why the last sentence in the lyric says, ‘It made me so humble / I’ll stay a little while longer.’

ReVamp online:

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