Stonegriff reveal details about Prologus Magicus

Prologus Magicus, the first album from Swedish doom unit Stonegriff, is set for release on 30th August, via Metal On Metal Records. Described as having a vintage sound full of organic, heavy and dark riffs, their label had the following to say about the band:

Their music is relatively simple and therefore effective – this band gets straight to the point. Stonegriff can be best compared to Krux, while it’s rather obvious that their main influence are the forefathers of the genre, Black Sababth. Fans of Trouble, Pentagram, Candlemass, Nomad Son, Spiritus Mortis and Las Cruces should dig them too.

The track listing of Prologus Magicus is as follows:

1. Black Magic Circle
2. Secrets of Your Soul
3. Mercenary Bay
4. For Madmen Only
5. Impossible
6. Black Snow
7. Devil’s Daughter
8. In the World that You Rule

The artwork for Prologus Magicus was created by established Chilean artist Santiago CarusoStonegriff‘s Prologus Magicus is available for pre-order with discount from this location whilst the digital download is available from BandCamp.

Stonegriff online:

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