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Sabaton announce release date and title for first ever DVD?Blu_Ray release

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Swedish metal heroes Sabaton have announced the title and release date of their upcoming FIRST EVER DVD/Blu-Ray release. The band comments:

We can now confirm the release date of the DVD/Blu Ray we recorded last year. It will be released in the UK on 23rd September, 2013 via Nuclear Blast Records.

And… The title of our first ever real DVD/Blu-Ray release is Swedish Empire Live. More details will follow soon. We can tell you that we have watched this countless times and feel very proud and cannot wait to share all this with all of you. You are in for a great surprise!

Sabaton online:

Týr announce title for 7th studio album and launch new single

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Farosese Viking metal overlords Týr recently announce Valkyrja as the title of their 7th full-length album which will be released via Metal Blade Records in the UK on 16th September. Týr once again collaborated with Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark. Along with Hansen, the band recruited acclaimed drummer George Kollias to act as studio drummer and Leaves’ Eyes vocalist Liv Kristine joined vocalist and guitarist Heri Joensen for a vocal duet on The Lay of Our Love.

Blood Of Heroes, the opening track for the album, is currently streaming on the band’s landing page at this location, where Valkyrja is also available to be pre-ordered. Limited edition pre-order bundles are available that include Týr rune pendants, t-shirt, vinyl LP, and the CD.

The concept of Valkyrja is a storyline loosely based on an anonymous Viking age warrior who leaves his wife and home to impress a Valkyrie in order to be chosen for either Valhalla or Folkvang – The latter of which is the abode of the goddess Freya, who had the first pick of any slain warriors that the Valkyries brought from the battlefield. Freya is commonly regarded as the goddess of love, beauty, death, war, magic and sex. One can say the album is also indirectly about women and how they affect men and what men will do to impress and obtain women. Front man and founder Heri Joensen goes on to explain

The woman that the warrior leaves may represent the earthly women. Freya, The Lady Of The Slain, may represent the perfection of Women, and the Valkyrie is the link between the two, taking men from earthly to godly women.

Týr online:


Vattnet Viskar premier Fog of Apathy from upcoming album Sky Swallower

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Having originally formed in Plaistow, New Hampshire in the summer of 2010, Vatnett Viskar started small and worked smart, cultivating a strong presence within their local DIY scene and online. On the strength of their first EP’s three ambitious, sprawling blackened doom epics, the band that Pitchfork called “the future of black metal in the United States” and Stereogum lauded as “propulsive and brutal, yet ambient and expansive” signed a deal with Century Media.

Now Stereogrum Century Media bring you a glimpse of the band’s debut full length, Sky Swallower. Fog Of Apathy is available to be streamed at this location.

Sky Swallower track listing:
1. New Alchemy
2. Fog of Apathy
3. Monarch
4. Breath of the Almighty
5. Ascend
6. Mythos
7. As I Stared Into the Sky
8. Apex

Sky Swallower is scheduled for a release on 9th September in Europe.

Vattnet Viskar online:


Watain present new song from upcoming album, The Wild Hunt, plus exclusive cover

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In anticipation of the release of their upcoming album, The Wild Hunt, Sweden’s sinister black metal cultists Watain have unveiled anther new song from the album. The new song, The Child Must Die, can be heard down below. Watain made comment on the song:

The Child Must Die is a song of sorrow and liberation, of the sacrifices that the path of adversity requires. Musically it shows yet another side of The Wild Hunt, being more Heavy Metal-rooted perhaps than All That May Bleed.

In related news, Watain have also teamed up with American Decibel Magazine to give fans a white-on-black flexi disc for an exclusive cover of Fuck Off, We Murder, as made famous by GG Allin. Head to this location to listen to the cover. Commenting on the cover, Watain had the following to say:

Driven by an inner fire and a genuine contempt for society and all its particles, GG Allin lived and died as a true rock n roll outlaw, and is to this day an inspiration for anyone to whom conformity and authority are things that must be fought and eliminated, not only by words but by action.

The flexi disc for Fuck Off, We Murder will be available for subscribers only in Decibel’s September issue (out in August).

Produced once again by Tore Stjerna at his Necromorbus studio in Alvik (Sweden), The Wild Hunt is a sonic and lyrical tour-de-force that explores Watain‘s roots, such as Bathory and Dissection, while also remaining truly unique. Having lost none of their integrity, Watain continues to push the boundaries of the scene with their fifth full-length, refusing to compromise their sound and vision. Amid the tracks teeming with the band’s classic sound, The Wild Hunt also features clean vocals (a first for the band!) which, as front-man Erik puts it, “…is just us being brutally personal and honest. It shows another important facet of the Watain world.” As this new album will soon prove, Watain truly lives in a world all their own.

The Wild Hunt is due out 19th August in Europe and 20th August in North America through the band’s own label His Master’s Noise via Century Media Records.

Watain online:


Necrogrinder – The Bunty Man

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The Bunty Man
Released 28th June 2013
Brutal Deathcore/Grindcore
Released via UKEM Records

 photo thebuntymancover-scaled_zpsdf9706f9.jpg

‘The Bunty Man’ is the debut album from the Sheffield-based British deathcore band Necrogrinder. It is the follow up to their 2010 EP ‘Mangled Fetus Insertion’.

Now, let’s face it; with a name like Necrogrinder and songs titles such as Chainsaw Brainsore, you can pretty much guess what type of music you’re in for. This could go one of two ways: it’s either going to be some brutal, Cannibal Corpse-esque death metal or death/grindcore. Well, this is definitely the latter and according to their official biography, Necrogrinder’s music is likely to appeal to fans of Gorerotted and Cock & Ball Torture.

If it’s “brutality” and guttural vocals you’re after then this album has those elements in abundance. The songs don’t tend to differ much from each other. They all follow a similar formula of croaking/squealing vocals, blast beat style drumming and fast, down tuned, grindcore style guitar riffage. Creepy Crawly is an exception that makes the rule, as it features the Machine Head style high pitched guitar riffs and even an attempt at a solo. At least some variety, though not quite enough to redeem the album.

Then there’s the aforementioned Chainsaw Brainsore, the shortest track on the album offering less than two minutes of pummeling and guttural vocals. You deserve a medal if you can actually make out a single word this guy is uttering.


Iza Raittila

Iron Man announce details for fifth studio album

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Doom legends Iron Man have recently announced details for, as well as the completion of, their fifth studio album which is to be titled South of the Earth. The album is scheduled for release on 30th September via Rise Above.

Recording and mixing took place at Hudson Street Sound in Annapolis, Maryland with producer/engineer Frank Marchand III. The band’s guitarist, Al Morris, commented on the band’s creative process:

Every time Iron Man goes into the studio, we treat it like a blank canvas. As things progress, the art form takes shape. We wrote this album in about 2 months. Then we practiced our asses off to perfect the performance of the songs. This CD was done with Frank Marchand, an engineer/producer with a head full of ideas! He enhanced every element of this CD. We have great trust in Frank and followed his ideas. This is what came out!

Rising out of the same Maryland/DC mean streets as fellow US doom pioneers Pentagram and The Obsessed, Iron Man formed in 1988 as a Black Sabbath tribute band by guitarist Alfred Morris III, whose musical career began in 1977 with mysterious proto-doom cult Force. Al’s legendarily heavy, unearthly guitar tone was already much in evidence on Force‘s ultra-rare 1981 debut EP – and it has only deepened, hardened, improved and refined in the ensuing 32 years.

Iron Man online:


Seneron – Order Restored EP

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“Order Restored” EP
Self-released on 19th March 2013

 photo Seneron-OrderRestored_zps7f6ec558.jpg

It seems that this “Order Restored”, the second EP in Irish Seneron’s discography, was somewhat internationally acclaimed… and I’m still trying to figure out why.

Their so-called “unique sound” is anything but, and even if I strongly support that one doesn’t need to sound original to stand out, that’s the problem with Seneron – they just don’t stand out. Their songs are average rock songs, the kind you can shake your head to while drinking a few beers at some bar, but that will hardly linger in your ears once you head home.

Josh Shields’ voice is a notch too aggressive for the mild level of harshness of their music, “Stand Your Ground” being the clearest example of such, as its rhythm is pretty bland.

“Dead Stare” was recently made single, and it’s in fact their best song. The melody of its riffs is more vivid and the whole structure is sharper, but I still doubt it will be a hit.

“Please Me” is similar, but rougher around the edges, and “Just A Kid” runs a little faster, slowing down in the chorus and pre-chorus, probably trying to sound catchy, but not managing it quite well.

I don’t know Seneron’s previous work, nor have I ever seen them live, but this “Order Restored” is a much basic, standard album,

2,5 / 5

by Renata “Pieni” Lino

Teras – Infection: Terror Metal

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Infection: Terror Metal
Released: July 2013
Death Metal/Thrash Metal/Yorkshire Metal

Teras are a relatively new band to the scene but have already being tearing the scene a new one. Following a few line-up changes and a change of name, Teras have began making a name for themselves on the Yorkshire. With support slots confirmed for acts such as Gone Til Winter and Finnish death metal band Re-Armed, the band recently released their debut EP.

The crushing, forceful riffs that make up Sovernguarde open up the EP. The sound of bass cuts its way through the track like a knife through butter, supporting the cumbersome weight of the guitars and dancing alongside the drums. The vocals though bestial and tinged with aggression they don’t sail in the right direction over the waves of domineering guitars. The introduction to Outlaw is memorable enough but it doesn’t sound like a lot until the full driving force of the track comes into full effect. The drums and bass hammer down throughout the song laying a solid foundation for the guitars and wolfish vocals to tear the listener’s ears a new one.

Scythe Of War continues down a similar vein to the previous track. Though not quite as domineering, it still is a song that will get the blood boiling and fists pumping. The vocals shine the most throughout this track, keeping that vicious bite in the mouth of the music. Triggerman finishes the EP with precision and a sound that means business. The beast-like vocals are flanked by a weighty assault of guitars, which in turn are reinforced by the acute use of bass and drums, allowing for destructive finish to Infection: Terror Metal.

For a debut release, Infection: Terror Metal displays the potential and talent that Teras have. Whilst they may have only been on the live circuit for a few months, the EP makes it sound as if they’ve been on the scene for a decade. The EP paints a bloody and grisly image of the band’s sound with the colours of heavy, brutal and violently metal elements.


Nico Davidson

Teras online:


Battlecross release new video ‘Never Coming Back’

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Heavy metallers Battlecross have unveiled a new video for the track ‘Never Coming Back’ taken from their latest album War of Will. The video features an appearance by Kevin Talley, who performed with the band at Orion Music and More, and who is drumming for the band all summer on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. The Roy Warner directed clip can be streamed here:

War of Will is out now worldwide!

Aborted to support The Black Dahlia on their European tour

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The Belgian death metal band Aborted has been confirmed as the second support act for The Black Dahlia Murder during their European tour. They will be joined by Revocation. Here are the full details of the schedule:

The Black Dahlia Murder
+ Aborted
+ Revocation

18/09/13 DE – Bochum – Matrix
19/09/13 FR – Paris – L´Empreinte
20/09/13 UK – London – Islington Academy
21/09/13 UK – Manchester – NQ Live
22/09/13 UK – Glasgow – Cathouse
24/09/13 BE – Brussels – Magasin 4
25/09/13 NL – Enschede – Atak
27/09/13 SE – Stockholm – Klubben *
28/09/13 SE – Gothenburg – Sticky Fingers *
29/09/13 NO – Oslo – John Dee
30/09/13 DK – Copenhagen – Lille Vega
01/10/13 DE – Berlin – Magnet
02/10/13 DE – Hamburg – Logo
04/10/13 DE – München – Hansa 39
05/10/13 DE – Leipzig – Conne Island
06/10/13 AT – Wien – Szene
07/10/13 IT – Milan – Live Forum
08/10/13 CH – Solothurn – Kofmehl
09/10/13 DE – Stuttgart – Universum
10/10/13 DE – Frankfurt – Batschkapp
* without Aborted

Cannibal Corpse inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame

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American death metallers Cannibal Corpse have been selected selected for induction in the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame as a member of the Class of 2013. Cannibal Corpse is the latest addition to the Hall of Fame, which also includes Buffalo natives the Goo Goo Dolls, Billy Sheehan, 10,000 Maniacs, and many more. The announcement of the inductees was filmed and can be seen here:

Founding member and bassist Alex Webster comments on the band’s induction: “We are extremely excited to hear about our induction into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame. We never could’ve imagined something like this would be possible back when we were getting started at places like the River Rock Cafe or the Skyroom. We are truly honored and humbled by this.”

The Class of 2013 will be inducted into the BMHOF at its 30th Anniversary Induction Gala which will be held October 3 at the Tralf Music Hall in Buffalo NY. More information about the BMHOF can be found at

Avenged Sevenfold’s Hail To The King hits 400k within first 24 hours online

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California’s behemoth rock unit Avenged Sevenfold hit the 400,000 view mark on their latest single Hail To The King within 24 hours of posting it on YouTube. If you’ve not heard it yet, you can listen to it down below.

Hail To The King is taken from Avenged Sevenfold’s upcoming sixth studio album of the same name which is set to be released on 26th August and will be released via Warner Music. The album was produced by Mike Elizondo. Above is the album artwork for Hail To The King.

Hail To The King track listing is as follows:

1. Shepherd Of Fire
2. Hail To The King
3. Doing Time
4. This Means War
5. Requiem
6. Crimson Day
7. Heretic
8. Coming Home
9. Planets
10. Acid Rain

Avenged Sevenfold online:


Voodoo Six announced as support at Iron maiden’s O2 Arena show

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Voodoo Six have been announced as support to Iron Maiden at their sold-out O2 Arena show next month in London. The band are currently on the road with Iron Maiden, trekking throughout Europe as main support on the Maiden England Tour which kicked off in Spain back in May. Since then the tour has them to France, Italy, Germany, Poland and a whole load of other countries, as well a number of festivals including the UK’s Download Festival where Iron Maiden headlined and Voodoo Six took on the Red Bull Stage. The other festival shows included Belgium’s Graspop Metal Meeting, SeeRock in Austria and Spain’s, Italy’s and France’s Sonisphere Festivals.

Voodoo Six founding member, Tony Newton, commented:

It’s been such an amazing experience, the reception each night has been simply overwhelming. Maiden and their crew have treated us so well. This tour has become the best and most exciting time of our lives so far. We’re absolutely thrilled to be added to the London show, having been so busy constantly touring all of Europe, it’s a great feeling to give the UK a chance to see what we’ve been up to.

Having also penned a worldwide deal with Spinefarm Records, Voodoo Six are now touring in support of latest studio album, Songs To Invade Countries To, which consists of 11 tracks – including the current single Your Way – which was produced by Voodoo Six bassist Tony Newton and mixed by Tony Newton and Pedro Ferreira (The Darkness, Enter Shikari, Therapy?). It follows 2010’s Fluke? outing, released through Classic Rock’s Powerage label and mixed by renowned studio engineer Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica); Fluke will see an enhanced re-issue via Spinefarm later in the year.

Voodoo Six are planning a headline UK and Europe tour for later this year – stay tuned for dates.

Voodoo Six online:


Orphaned Land’s video for All is One now online

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Following the release of their critically acclaimed album All Is One, Orphaned Land have launched the video for the title track. The video is available for viewing down below.

All Is One was mixed by Jens Bogren (Kreator, Amon Amarth, James Labrie, Devin Townsend Project, Opeth) and was recorded in three different countries: Israel, Turkey and Sweden. Ironically, these countries are Jewish, Muslim and Christian respectively, which strengthens the Orphaned Land message of unity through music. Over 40 musicians were used to flesh out the sound of All Is One, including 25 choir singers and eight classical violin, viola and cello players from Turkey.

Orphaned Land online:


Turisas post new song, Into The Free, online

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Turisas have posted a new song entitled Into The Free, taken from their upcoming album Turisas2013, on YouTube, which can be listened to down below. The band have already played Into The Free at select festivals, leaving fans wanting to hear the studio version of the song. Olli Vänskä (violin) comments on the new song:

Into The Free shows a completely different side of the new album: it’s fast, uplifting, raw and contains some super catchy singalong parts. We already played this ‘freedom anthem’ on a couple of summer festivals and the reception was really good right from the start. As an instant crowd mover, I believe the song has already earned its place in the setlist of the upcoming tours.

Turisas2013 is scheduled for a release on 23rd August in Finland/Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Norway/Australia/NZ and 26th August in Europe while UK will follow up 2nd September and North America on 3rd September.

Once again the album was produced by vocalist Mathias Nygård and the majority of the album recorded by Nygård and guitarist Jussi Wickström in a remote house outside of Helsinki that worked as the Turisas2013 command centre and head quarter. Additional recordings were done in 3 other studios: the drums at Atomic Spa Studio and orchestral recordings at 5 by 5 Studio, both in Helsinki. A lot of vocals and numerous additional elements were tracked at Sound Supreme Studio in Hämeenlinna where Turisas also recorded The Varangian Way and Stand Up And Fight. The mix and mastering was done in London at Orgone Studios with producer Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghost B.C., Cathedral, Primordial, Ulver).

The band will play a run of 5 UK headlining dates this autumn.

UK headline tour:

08.10.2013 (UK) Bristol – The Fleece
09.10.2013 (UK) London – O2 Academy Islington
10.10.2013 (UK) Nottingham – Rock City
11.10.2013 (UK) Glasgow – Cathouse
12.10.2013 (UK) Manchester – Club Academy

Turisas online:


Hot Shock – Hot Shock Demo

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Hot Shock
Hot Shock Demo
Released: Summer 2013
Jazz Fusion

Sometimes on a sunny afternoon, Heavy Metal just doesn’t cut it. Instead, something jazzy and bluesy goes down better. Hot Shock describes their music as Jazz Fusion infused with Latin, Caribbean, Funk, Blues, R&B, and Rock. If this sounds like an enjoyable musical cocktail to you, you’d be right. This laid back sound makes for the ideal chill out track, with vague flourishes of each of the previously mentioned genres fading in and out naturally. Neither style dominates any song, but Jazz is indeed the underlying style that drives each song forward. The music here is instrumental, and the band aren’t afraid to take their time, with most of the songs gleefully meandering beyond the five minute mark. Not the most complex or inspiring music, but then again that’s not the point and it’s difficult to dislike music in which the musicians are clearly enjoying what they do. I look forward to hearing more.


Paul Gibbins


Further three bands to Valkyrian Festival 2013

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Already bolstering a line-up that spans from viking metal to industrial and touching on other genres in between, Valkyrian Festival have announced a further three bands to this year’s bill. Confirmed for the Friday are Nottingham’s very own buccaneers of pirate metal Red Rum, who have also recently been confirmed for the Warhorns Festival. Red Rum will be joining Ravenage, Dead Man’s Conspiracy and Scotland’s djentlemen Storm of Embers on the first night of Valk-Fest.

Added to the more extreme metal stylings of Saturday are Leeds-based extreme metal tyrants Lammergeier who will be bringing their devilishly heavy sound which will no doubt go down well alongside the other other extreme metal acts on the bill such as Scottish corporate black metallers Maelstrom and fellow Yorkshire band Narcotic Death whose vocalist can apparently castrate a cat from a distance of 400 yards. And for industrial fans, Sheffield-based industrial duo The Gifted have been confirmed to play the final night of Valk-Fest 2013 with acts such as Spekulus, Powercake, Dakesis and Yorkshire’s most violently brutal band Severed Heaven.

With another four bands to be announced, this year’s Valk-Fest is already shaping up to be its most diverse line-up.

The full Valkyrian Festival line-up is as follows:

Friday 29th November:

Ravenage (Headliner)
Dead Man’s Conspiracy
Red Rum

Storm of Embers

Saturday 30th November

***Headliner TBA***
Narcotic Death (Special Guests)
Old Corpse Road
Lost Effect
Shades of Avalon


Sunday 1st December

***Headliner TBA***
Alice In Thunderland
Severed Heaven
The Antiquity

Terra Omnia
The Gifted

This year, Valkyrian Festival is in aid of RapeCrisis. Information on RapeCrisis can be found at this location. Donations can be made direct to the charity via the Valkyrian Festival JustGiving page which can be found here. Weekend tickets can be found at this location for the low price of £5 (excluding P&P).

Valkyrian Festival 2013 is now officially sponsored by online gothic and custom-made jewellery store, The Crypt Of Curiosities.

In related Valkyrian Festival news, Aonia will be headlining a Valk-Fest fundraiser at Shades Nightclub, in Bridlington on 7th September with support from Powercake, Spekulus and Penance, the latter of which [performed at last year’s Valk-Fest. Further support acts to be announced and a lot more bands are still to be announced for Valkyrian Festival 2013. Further Valkyrian Festival announcements and info can be found here.


Avenged Sevenfold release title track from upcoming album as single

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California’s giants of rock Avenged Sevenfold have recently unleashed their blistering new single Hail To The King, which can be heard down below as well as the album’s artwork. The universally anticipated single Hail To The King is taken from the bands sixth studio album of the same name. Hail To The King is the follow up to 2010’s Nightmare which charted at No. 5 in the UK as well as receiving Gold certification for sales.

Produced by Mike Elizondo, Hail To The King will be released on the 26th August on Warner Bros Records.

Hail To The King track listing:

1. Shepherd Of Fire
2. Hail To The King
3. Doing Time
4. This Means War
5. Requiem
6. Crimson Day
7. Heretic
8. Coming Home
9. Planets
10. Acid Rain

Avenged Sevenfold online:

Release date for Subterranean Steel by Scythe announced

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Yesterday, Finland’s premier stronghold of scuzz Primitive Reaction Records announced 11th September as the international release date for Scythe‘s Subterranean Steel. Following the release of Subterranean Steel, Scythe will be touring in direct support for Japan’s legendary Sabbat on their first full-scale North American tour. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

1. Leather Aggressor
2. Monarch
3. Subterranean Steel
4. October Dies
5. The Grunting Dead
6. The Bray Beast
7. Beyond the Northwoods
8. Nights of Terror
9. Thunder Hammer

Scythe online:


The More I See release video for The Eye That Offends

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British metal band The More I See have recently released their first official music video for the track, The Eye That Offends, which was filmed on the set of Star Wars in Northern Africa.

TMIS drove for six hours across the Tunisian desert to shoot the video, performing at three iconic sets from the Star Wars movies – remarkably still standing years after being abandoned, preserved in the arid desert heat.  The result is a visually stunning spectacle that perfectly compliments the band’s energetic performance. TMIS frontman James Cluer comments:

I’m a massive fan of Star Wars, so to visit Tunisia and film at some of the greatest film locations ever was really special.  It was such an incredible experience to perform at the mighty canyons of the Jundland Wastes (Episode IV: A New Hope), where Luke Skywalker and the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO first meet Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as the city of Mos Espa (Episode I: The Phantom Menace), and especially Luke Skywalker‘s home – Lars homestead (Episode IV: A New Hope).  It was a childhood dream of mine to see the igloo, and to get to film there with the sun setting behind us was something I’ll never forget!

TMIS have also released a three-track EP exclusively on Spotify.  Listen to “The Eye That Offends EP” now at this location. The Eye That Offends is taken from The More I See‘s new studio album, The Disappearing Humans, which is due to be released on 26th August in Europe on Earache Records, and on 1st October in the USA via Century Media/Earache Records.  The album was mixed by producer Scott Atkins (Sylosis, Behemoth, Savage Messiah) and mastered at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios with Steve Rooke (The Beatles).