The More I See release video for The Eye That Offends

British metal band The More I See have recently released their first official music video for the track, The Eye That Offends, which was filmed on the set of Star Wars in Northern Africa.

TMIS drove for six hours across the Tunisian desert to shoot the video, performing at three iconic sets from the Star Wars movies – remarkably still standing years after being abandoned, preserved in the arid desert heat.  The result is a visually stunning spectacle that perfectly compliments the band’s energetic performance. TMIS frontman James Cluer comments:

I’m a massive fan of Star Wars, so to visit Tunisia and film at some of the greatest film locations ever was really special.  It was such an incredible experience to perform at the mighty canyons of the Jundland Wastes (Episode IV: A New Hope), where Luke Skywalker and the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO first meet Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as the city of Mos Espa (Episode I: The Phantom Menace), and especially Luke Skywalker‘s home – Lars homestead (Episode IV: A New Hope).  It was a childhood dream of mine to see the igloo, and to get to film there with the sun setting behind us was something I’ll never forget!

TMIS have also released a three-track EP exclusively on Spotify.  Listen to “The Eye That Offends EP” now at this location. The Eye That Offends is taken from The More I See‘s new studio album, The Disappearing Humans, which is due to be released on 26th August in Europe on Earache Records, and on 1st October in the USA via Century Media/Earache Records.  The album was mixed by producer Scott Atkins (Sylosis, Behemoth, Savage Messiah) and mastered at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios with Steve Rooke (The Beatles).

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