Dakesis split with frontman Wayne Dorman

Birmingham power prog band Dakesis recently split with frontman Wayne Dorman due to what appears to be a difference in musical direction. Dakesis have stated that they will fulfil all upcoming shows as a four piece band, with keyboardist Gemma Lawler manning all vocal duties. The band’s first show as a four piece will be Sunk Fest, near Hull. The band’s announcement can be read below:

We have decided that it is in the best interests of Dakesis to continue forward as a four piece without vocalist and guitarist Wayne Dorman.This was a difficult decision for the four of us, but we feel the best one to continue progressing as a band.

We will be fulfilling all of our current gig commitments as well as continuing to take bookings and Gemma will take on board lead vocals temporarily.

When the time is right we will be looking for a new addition to the Dakesis family, however if you would like to express interest and feel you have what it takes to be considered for this role, then please get in touch.

In the meantime, our concentration will be with our next album and we will continue to work towards writing and completing this between the four of us.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Wayne all the best for the future and as always we thank our wonderful fans and friends for supporting us.

All our love,

Gemma, Matt, Amie, Adam


Former Dakesis frontman Wayne Dorman has stated that he is currently working on a new project following his departure from the band.

Dakesis online:



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