Chaos Theory – Bio-Death

Chaos Theory
Released 26th June 2012
Thrash Metal
Released via Massacre Records

 photo Bio-death_cover-scaled_zpsd615f290.jpg

‘Bio-Death’ is the debut album from the Italian thrash metal band Chaos Theory.

Straight from the offset we’re in for some fast paced thrash metal with Faith giving you a sizeable dose of speedy guitar riffs and Slayer-esque vocals. The subsequent tracks offer more of the same; short, fast and guitar riff -intensive songs with the aforementioned shouting style vocals perfected by old school legends such as Slayer.

There’s also the odd guitar solo added to the mix helping to set the songs apart from each other. Carnage is a good example of this, being one of the few tracks on here to feature some melodic elements. Similar things can be said about Final Solution, the best and quite possibly the most interesting track on here; it features a surprisingly melodic guitar intro and some catchy solos.

The main issue I have with this album is that there’s very little variation in the songs. Most stick to a tried and tested formula of fast guitars and drum pummeling with the singer shouting his way through the song. Whilst it’s definitely not lacking in aggression, it’s a bit one-dimensional in the delivery.


Iza Raittila

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