Unfolded Vision’s “Perspectives” presentation concert @ Hard Club

Mean Rock Machine + Unfolded Vision + Head:Stoned
Hard Club, Porto (PT)
27th June 2013

Unfolded Vision is a rock/metal band formed in late 2006, but their members have been around a lot longer than that. They’ve changed singers a couple of years ago (César Teixeira stepped in for Henrique Loureiro) and I think that was the main reason for their first release to take about six years to see the light of day. But it’s finally here, the 5-track EP “Perspectives”, and the band put up a free-entrance show to introduce it to their friends and fans.

Of course they didn’t do it all by themselves and the first guys to go on stage were bluesy hard rockers Mean Rock Machine. It’d been a long while since I’d last seen them, and even though Manu’s voice sounded a bit more uncontrolled and broken, the overall performance was great. Their music also sounds better, more mature, and I guess that’s why the cracks in Manu’s voice didn’t bother me. In fact, they added some spice to it, as if failing the highest and/or lowest tones were intentional, to make the song sound rawer.
Manu introduced the new guitar player, Leo, saying that now that the band was whole again, things were starting to fall into place and that soon there would be news about their own upcoming release. Release which they gave us a sneak peak of through songs such as “Ready To Go”, “Nice Perfume” or “Sex, Sex And Rock’N’Roll” – even though they’ve been playing the latter for a couple of years already. And then from their debut EP “Just Bang Your Head” they played the classic title-track, “Mean Rock Machine”, “Eager Desire” and also “We Wanna Rock L.A.”, which many people sang along.
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Despite being the hosts, Unfolded Vision came next on the bill – probably to get the “prime time”, as it was already 11p.m. in the eve of a working day.
There was an introductory video playing in the background, but something went wrong with the audio. And I’d swear that in the first song the drums were out of synch with the rest of the band. But those were mere details in comparison to the great show that followed. It was the second time I was seeing them with César and even if the first time he sounded really good, now I had the feeling his voice was much stronger, probably more confident.
They played the whole EP by the same order of its tracklist. Well, “whole” it’s not really accurate, as they left out “Perspectives Of Fear”, the last song, which I believe it’s an instrumental melancholic track (haven’t had the chance to listen to the EP yet) and therefore not suitable for such a party night. This means they kicked off with “Fear”, then “Wild And Free”, “Why” and “Ain’t No Stranger”. Then came the first cover of the night, which César dedicated to Mean Rock MachineWhitesnake’s “Here I Go Again”. Coincidentally enough, I had seen Whitesnake just the night before in Madrid. And after such a disappointing performance by Mr. David Coverdale, it was really refreshing to listen this epic hard rock song so well sung by César.
Can’t remember for sure if it was “Spellbound” (a new track) or “Shadowland” (an old one) that César dedicated to his father, who was “hiding from the PA” and had his birthday that day. And after introducing the band – something that sadly has fallen out of use these days – they closed the gig with Deep Purple’s “Burn”.
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Head:Stoned, formerly known as Headstone, have also been out of my radar for a while. To the point that I didn’t know they had released a new EP early this year, “Present Inexistence”, which they played almost in full. “Nobody works tomorrow?” asked singer Vítor, seeing so many people there past midnight, and thanking afterwards for the support.
The new songs are really powerful and work awesomely well live! Of all three bands on stage that night, Head:Stoned was the one I’d seen the most and I have no doubt that that was the best concert I’ve witnessed of them. Sadly, given the strong strobe lights, I started to feel pretty dizzy and was forced to go in the back of the venue, and eventually out of it, before I passed out. But according to their setlist, I can tell you that even if they were focusing on the aforementioned latest EP, they played a enough songs from both the full-length “I Am All” and the debut EP “Within The Dark”, like “Through All The Doubt”, “Hope Lies Dead”, “Will It Take Madness” and the mandatory “This Void”, which finished the show.
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Text & photos by Renata “Pieni” Lino

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