Amaranthe – The Nexus

The Nexus
Released March 2013
Power Metalcore/Synthcore
Released via Spinefarm Records/Universal Music


Amaranthe pretty burst onto the scene two years about with their self-titled debut album and since then have been dominating their native metal scenes whilst expanding further on the international scene. Hailing from Sweden, a country renowned for its metal and its pop, Amaranthe have been fusing the two together with hints of other genres as well.

The first thing that really sticks out on the album are the artificial flavourings in the clean vocals, making the synth-vocal combination sound off, especially during in the opening track Afterlife. The synths create a mixture of techno and power metal offerings, that interestingly blend with the bloodthirsty screams, fierce use of guitars and acutely destructive drum passages. Elize’s pop vocal melodies are reminiscent  of Nightwish’s last album though not as catchy, except during Electroheart.

The title track, The Nexus, is the most memorable track on the album due to the poignant chorus and the breakdown which is followed by a grand solo. Burn With Me, which features later on in the album is the softest song found on The Nexus, using softer vocal passages and cleaner guitar riffs whilst Electroheart the heavily techno aspect of the album, containing infectious lyrics and cumbersome synths. The metalcore screams and breakdowns still manage to make an appearance though. Technocore anyone? Razorblade is the song that will most likely sit well with power metal fans because of the brilliantly executed synth-and-guitar combination, though the vocals leave something to be desired.

The Nexus has an interesting sound that ranges from one side of the musical spectrum to the other but appears to have been over-produced and over-hyped. While it is an enjoyable album, it’s not something to write home about.


Nico Davidson

Amaranthe online:


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