Voodoo Highway – Showdown

Voodoo Highway
Released 26th April 2013
Classic Rock/ Hard Rock
Released via Dust on The Tracks Records

 photo VoodooHighwayShowdown-scaled_zps0fe3b515.jpg

‘Showdown’ is the second album from the Italian classic rock band Voodoo Highway. It is the follow up to their 2011 debut release ‘Broken Uncle’s Inn’. The band’s popularity amongst classic rock fans has led to several hailing them as “the new Deep Purple”. The cover-art for ‘Showdown’ was designed Storm Thorgerson (known for his work with Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath).

Straight from the offset you’re in for some catchy rock tunes with the aptly titled This Is Rock’n’Roll, Wankers! taking you on a journey filled with energetic, fun sounding guitar riffs and sing-along vocals. Ok, the lyrics are a little silly but it’s all done in the name of good fun. It’s not all catchy rock tunes though, as the slower tracks like Wastin’ Miles prove that Voodoo Highway is no one-trick-pony and they can produce great-sounding, melodic guitar ballads.

The main thing that stands out on here is the guitars which offer an impressive range of catchy riffs, groovy melodies and solos adding to the overall energetic feel of the music. If it’s guitar solos you’re after, look no further than A Spark From The Sacred Fire for your next air guitar practice session. Then there’s Mountain High which sees the focus shift towards the keyboards for the first time, a somewhat unexpected move but seems to suit the song.

There’s something really uplifting about this album. It’s easy to picture this playing in the background on a hot summer day when you’re having a barbeque with your non-metal friends.


Iza Raittila

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