Moribund Oblivion – Manevi

Moribund Oblivion
Released 3rd May 2013
Melodic Black Metal
Released via Dust On The Tracks Records

 photo manevi_zpsc2796acf.jpg

Manevi is the latest album from the Turkish black metal band Moribund Oblivion. The band was formed back in 1999 by guitarist and singer Bahadır Uludağlar.

Turkish black metal you say…? That’s definitely a first for me. I’m not too familiar with the Turkish metal scene at all but it’s good to see that they have one. Anyway on to the music… After a short atmospheric Intro comes Yara – a guitar riff infused piece of melodic black metal featuring lyrics in the band’s native tongue. The vocals range from the standard black metal screams to Rotting Christ -style growling and certain songs, like the melodic Bahti Kara, feature a mixture of both singing techniques.

In fact this is pretty far removed from your usual orthodox black metal. The guitars have a melodic streak to them along with the occasional thrash metal undertones, illustrated by tracks such as Dünya Dönmeye Devam Edecek. The aforementioned song also features a short, tranquil, semi-acoustic guitar solo mid-way through the track giving it a ballad-like quality. The vocals are more akin to melodic death metal than black metal screams or shouts. Another thing that makes this album stand out are the Turkish lyrics, I can’t make out what they are singing but the language has this fascinating ability to sound both melodic and harsh making it a perfect fit for the music. Then there’s there are the sombre ballads Yok and Matemli which see keyboards enter the frame unleashing an even more melodic sound.

That’s not say that the album is completely lacking in black metal influences. As the grim Ölmek Üzere Untulmus sends shivers down your spine in what sounds like a homage to several renowned Nordic black metal metal bands. Overall this has been a real eye-opener. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I’ve enjoyed listening to this album.


Iza Raittila

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