My Dying Bride – The Manuscript EP

My Dying Bride
The Manuscript
Released 13th May 2013
Gothic/Doom Metal/Yorkshire Metal
Released via Peaceville Records

My Dying Bride are possibly the best thing to come out of Yorkshire since… Yorkshire puddings. Though unlike their savoury tasting kin, My Dying Bride have reigned on the British scene with a dark and foreboding career of soul crushing darkness and doom-laden music.

The Manuscript is a cascading sea of melodic riffs, tinted with the band’s Yorkshire-flavoured sound of forthcoming doom, transforming into a different flow of ghastly tones with each song. Aaron Stainthorpe’s vocals echo almost ethereally, lending a sound to the EP that is more haunting than a midnight walk through one of Whitby’s graveyards. The violin passages, as provided by Shaun MacGowan, are oddly entrancing and hypnotic, gently calling out like a gothic siren’s call whilst the bass, offered up by Lena Abe, and drums supply the ever bold backbone of the music, thundering down like a violent storm of hail.

The poetic introduction of Only Tears To Replace Her With rings out like church bells, conjuring up darkened visions of a romance gone wrong. The pace of the music helps to reinforce this image, as the vocals float coldly throughout the song. Var Gud Over Er sticks with the melodic passages of the EP but rushes in a heavier approach as well, complete with Aaron’s signature growls.

Painting a bleak picture with their music and lyrics, My Dying Bride have produced another beautifully tainted piece of musical craftsmanship, that will drag the listener down to the deepest depths of despair and agony whilst tantalising one’s natural audible devices at the same time.


Nico Davidson

My Dying Bride online:


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