Krakow – Diin

Released 14th February 2012
Stoner Metal/ Doom Metal
Released via Dark Essence Records

 photo 349047_zps9b9ea412.jpg

Diin is the second album from the Norwegian stoner metal band Krakow. It is the follow up to their debut ‘Monolith’.

Ok, so before I start, here’s a little revelation: I’m not a massive fan of stoner metal nor am I particularly interested in it. Despite this I decided to keep an open mind and give it a go…

When it comes to Diin, drony and monotonous guitar melodies are the order of the day, at least so it would appear from the first track Hymn to The Winds. The tempo tends to be rather slow and each song has the same psychedelic feel. The vocal style ranges from clean radio rock style to semi-growls. The main of focus seems to be on the bass guitar with progressive tracks such as the lengthy ballad Mound being the supposed focal point of the album. The vocals are depressing, monotonous and eerie.

There’s also hints of doom metal present. For example the slow paced, drone-like guitar patterns on Into The Distant Sky make it quite possibly the creepiest song on here. At its best the music will lull you into a coma-like sleep with tracks like the bass-heavy Omen paving the way to some psychedelic dreams. At its worst, this is make you want to slit your wrists in hope of escaping the agony and bleak atmosphere. The final track Sense of Space is a good example of the latter.

Overall ‘Diin’ hasn’t changed my views on the genre. I’m sure that this would make a fine addition to any stoner/doom metal fan’s collection. Sadly all I got out of it was a headache…


Iza Raittila

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