Spekulus – Terroristian

Released 23rd February
Industrial Metal

The Terroristian album is the latest release from Leeds based band Spekulus and it see’s a dramatic change in musical style from their debut album Breathplay. Still there are the band’s electronic roots but now with a beefed up heavier sound. Terroristian features 12 tracks of Spekulus‘ own brand of Industrial Metal.

Orgasmic groans and clicking cameras open proceedings before the first track Skin & Tonic blasts from the speakers with heavy guitar riffs, chugging bass, pounding drum machine beats and keyboard wizardry. Then in come the vocals of front woman Amanda Amorphic, the lyrics are roared and screamed out at exceptional levels, a vocal style that compliments the strong lyrical content of the songs perfectly. This format sets the tone for the rest of the album. Religion seems to be a sore point for the band, none is more evident than in the tracks One Nation Under God and the title track Terroristian. Both of which feature strong lyrics that underline the fact.

My favourite track on the album is Avada Kedavra, a fast paced song with some nice guitar and drum work, a calmer more melodic vocal with a punchy shout along chorus, a class track. Another brutal track is Martyr – another faster song with a Star Trek themed style of music that hides the strong lyrical content of the song (reading the lyrics to this album is essential).

The production of the album is raw with an almost live feel which is always a plus point for me as it gives a true reflection of the Spekulus sound.

Terroristian is a credit to the band, an album of 12 well written songs that clearly shows that the band are not afraid to experiment with many musical genres and fuse them all together in their own unique style. If you are a fan of industrial or cyber-punk, I strongly recommend you give this album a listen! A solid quality second album from Spekulus.


Ian Foster


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