Bonded Through Hate – Doomsday: The Rise of Valhalla

Bonded Through Hate

Doomsday: The Rise of Valhalla

Released 28th March, 2012

Death Metal/Hardcore

Released via Ear One Productions



Being a spanking new band hailing from my home state of Connecticut, Bonded Through Hate has really outdone themselves with the release of Doomsday: The Rise of Valhalla. Being their first EP I was blown away by how heavy this album was. The riffs were memorable and somewhat melodic while some other guitar parts were just extremely fast to the point where I had to choice but to head bang.  Bonded Through Hate has the brutalness of death metal paired with slamming hardcore to create something that is fast and melodic at the same time.

My favorite track off of this EP was Killing Is My Name¸ the first of the five songs off this album. The intro starts off very quietly and then out of nowhere, the music picks up followed by a long, high scream that gave me chills from its sheer awesomeness. Throughout the song, they repeat the name of it multiple times which reminded me of something that Exhumed does with their songs as well. This paired with a breakdown towards the end of the song just made it enjoyable to listen to and it definitely stuck out to me over everything else.

The rest of the album was also great as well. The last track, BTK,  also had an intro to it rather than just delving right into the song like the other 3 tracks did. The buildup of this intro really left an impression on this song and was a great way to end the album. Overall, I have no major complaints about this EP except the songs were kind of predictable in presentation and there was really nothing that completely stood out to me about the music. Maybe it’s because they haven’t really developed a unique sound yet, but I anticipate to hear a full length album from these guys in the near future!



Lauren Gowdy

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