Finsterforst – Rastlos

Released 23rd November, 2012
Folk Metal
Released via Napalm Records

Finsterforst are a band that goes beyond average folk metal and has such strong emotion integrated into each of their songs, whether it may be fast, slow, short, or long. With the release of their third full length album Rastlos, all elements of folk and metal are beautifully composed into a short but memorable album. It did not take long for me to completely immerse myself within this album and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.

There are a few tracks that are comprised of quieter and softer sounds that add a much needed break between the lengthy and fast tracks. The sixth track off of this seven track album, Rast, was only composed of birds chirping and essentially the sounds of nature. It’s not very uncommon for folk metal to add nature sounds into their songs, but I found it interesting that this almost 2 minutes track was just solely dedicated to just playing nature in its untouched state. I thought this as a great tactic, however, because the last track, Flammenrausch, is just over 22 minutes long and that quiet intermission helps you prepare for the brutality of this long track.

As far as the other songs go, I was pleased with how excellently they were put together. The contrast of gravely vocals and a heavy but slow guitar sound paired with the undertones of accordion and keyboards as well as clean vocals made this album brutally beautiful. Each of the faster songs were all over 10 minutes long which made the Rastlos seem like a 10 – 12 track album when in actuality, it was much shorter. Finsterforst have done an incredible job in producing this album and I look forward to their next!


Lauren Gowdy


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