Hatebreed – the divinity of purpose

“The Divinity Of Purpose”
Released: 25th January 2013
Released via Nuclear Blast

 photo Hatebreed-TheDivinityOfPurpose-Artwork_zps57ff4237.jpg

This has been the longest period between albums that Hatebreed fans had to endure – 3 years and 4 months – but I believe they’ll agree it was worth it. Singer Jamey Jasta stated prior to its release that “The Divinity Of Purpose” would be “all pit, no shit”. And the man knew what he was saying: the 6th full album of one of Connecticut’s finest (7th if you include the cover album “For The Lions”) is a bag of metalcore treats.

The album kicks off with a very punk-ish track, the one which was actually released on Youtube last November as a preview of what was to come – “ Put It To The Torch”. It bears that stripped-down harshness and loose speed of hardcore punk, as well as rebellious and aggressive vocals. Same can be said about “Indivisible”, whose bass line adds an even stronger feeling of punk to it.

“Honor Never Dies” and “Own Your World” both push more to the ‘core side of the album, the gang vocals and breakdowns emphasised.

Then a thrashy/heavy/speed metal touch to “Before The Fight Ends You”, “Dead Man Breathing” or “Bitter Truth” gives you a more intense and edgy vibe when it comes to the riffs.

Hatebreed intermingle various elements of other genres to their metalcore basis, but in a way that won’t compromise its nature. The result is a strong structure with enough details to make the songs stand out of the ordinary and yet keep that straight-forward and raw sound that will make it a pit-friendly album, such as their frontman claimed it would be.

4 / 5

Renata “Pieni” Lino

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