Cannibal Corpse live in Tampere

Hour of Penance, The Black Dahlia Murder, DevilDriver, Cannibal Corpse
Pakkahuone, Tampere
10th February 2013

A sedate Sunday night in the city of Tampere and yet Pakkahuone was packed full of metalheads. The reason – the almighty death metal legends Cannibal Corpse were in town, and with Tampere being only the second stop during their European tour with The Black Dahlia Murder and DevilDriver, the expectations were deservedly high.

Hour of Penance
This Italian death metal band acted as a good warm-up. Their show was solid, filled with decent sounding death metal. Nothing ground-breaking as far as this particular genre is concerned but a good start to the night nonetheless.

The Black Dahlia Murder

I have never really understood the hype behind this band. Their music has never really been to my taste; a little too close to metal-core for my liking, but one thing I have to give to them is that they sure know how to agitate the crowd. The mosh-pit was in full swing and the band’s stage performance was a big hit with the audience. I’m sure that any of their fans would have been delighted with the show.

Now here’s a name that I’ve definitely heard before. I remember when DevilDriver first started out with their nu-metal -esque self-titled debut album back in 2003. Fast forward a decade and the Californian groove death metallers have established themselves within the scene. Their show was an energetic one packed with fervor which proved to be a winning formula with the ever-growing mosh-pit. The singer, Dez Fafara, even took the time to wish “happy birthday” to two of the band members and got the crowd to do the same. The highlight for me was their performance of ‘I Could Care Less’.

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse were the main highlight of the evening for me. Death metal is one of my favorite metal genres and these guys put on a excellent performance. My neck is still a little sore from head-banging along to the classics such as ‘Fucked With A Knife’, ‘Disfigured’, ‘The Time To Kill Is Now’ and ‘Hammer Smashed Face’. George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher led by example, demonstrating the best practice for head-banging which was according to his own admission impossible to top. That still did not stop me and many others from trying!

Overall it was a really good night and I hope to see Cannibal Corpse live again soon.

Iza Raittila

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