Evemaster’s entire back catalogue available through BandCamp

Evemaster, who feature Battlelore vocalist Tomi Mykkänen on guitar in their ranks, have added the entire discography to their official Bandcamp page. It includes the In Thine Majesty EP, Wither, Lacrimae Mundi, Lacrimae Mundi MMIV and III. Go to this location to check out the material. You can also listen to the entire album, III, below.

Evemaster launched their new official website here back in October 2012. Mykkänen commented with the following update:  “If you happen to stumble upon these pages you might realise that the page layout has changed since the last time. And, blimey, you’re right! Started using WordPress here. Enjoy and join the mailing list. We have also started some promotion on III now that we finally got the rights from Supernova. Basically it means that we bought all the copies of the album from Supernova and started selling them ourselves and handling the promotion as well. We started co-operation with Inverse Records with distribution so go and ask your local shop for a copy. If they don’t have any shame on them and then go online and order a copy or two from some cool webshop or from us directly.

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