Project Silence – 424

Project Silence
Due for release/Released: November 2012
Industrial Metal
Released via Label: Self-Released

‘424’ is the debut album from the Finnish industrial metal band Project Silence.

First off is the title track which owes more to electronica than metal. Not a even a hint of guitar, just keyboards and some programming. With Pressure_Revolution we are treated to some harsh, scream-like vocals, guitars and more programming. Calling this metal is still a long-shot but it does have some metal elements mostly due to the vocal style and the guitars. Oh, and they have a drummer as well…

I’m not sure what to compare this to. “Techno-metal” bands like The Browning and possibly Pain spring to mind though this has far more guitar riffs and less of the happy Ibiza-techno elements. Having said that, the programming on tracks such as Stardancer (Raven’s Whore) transforms the song into something between a dance track and a metal song that you can head-bang to. As the album progresses I’m beginning to hear more of the metal style guitar riffs whilst the programming fades into the background.

Or so I thought until Sky, Space and Twilight Zone kicks in with its trance-like ambiance. Looks like we’re back on the dance floor at the clubs in Ibiza. Metal…you say…? What’s that? Then it’s back to industrial metal again with Alone (Crushed By Your Lies) offering more guitar riffs and even a few solos. As for the vocals, they are a mixture of growls and screams which provide a sharp contrast to the techno-style programming. Beast is the heaviest song on here and probably the closest thing to a metal track mostly due to predominance of the guitars.

3/5 – This album is very much a case of hit and miss. It has some good parts but overall it’s very confusing to listen to.

Iza Raittila

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  1. Great music!

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