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Delain announce special release

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Symphonic rockers Delain have announced the release of a special record in May called Interlude. Interlude is will be made up of a blend of brand-new songs, special versions and mixes of popular Delain tracks, covers, and the single Are You Done With Me. The album will also include a special DVD featuring exclusive live footage and clips from the band’s career.

Interlude is not only a must for loyal Delain fans, but also for those who have not experienced the music by Delain so far. It is the perfect introduction to the world of Delain and the starting point to an emotional and bombastic journey.

Tracklisting is as follows:

1. Breathe On Me
2. Collars And Suits
3. Are You Done With Me (new single mix)
4. Such A Shame
5. Cordell
6. Smalltown Boy
7. We Are The Others (new ballad version)
8. Mother Machine (live)
9. Get The Devil Out Of Me (live)
10. Milk And Honey (live)
11. Invidia (live)
12. Electricity (live)
13. Not Enough (live)

Bonus DVD:
1. Invidia (Video Live @ MFVFestival)
2. Electricity (Video Live @ MFVFestival)
3. We Are The Others (Video Live @ MFVFestival)
4. Milk and Honey (Video Live @ MFVFestival)
5. Not Enough (Video Live @ MFVFestival)
6. Backstage footage
7. Get The Devil Out Of Me (Videoclip)
8. We Are The Others (Videoclip)
9. April Rain (Videoclip)
10. Frozen (Videoclip)

Interlude will be released in the UK on 6th May, later this year, just five days before the band headline the Dames of Darkness Festival. For more updates on the new album, head over to Delain’s official Facebook page.


Kull confirmed as headliners for first night of Warhorns 2013

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Sheffield-based black metal act, Kull, who recently formed from members of Bal-Sagoth and Dyscaphia have been confirmed to headline Friday 27th September at The Warhorns Festival which will take place at The Duchess, York.

Also making their UK debut at Warhorns will be Dothbogria, the Latvian pagan metal act whom are well known for their use of Germanic lyrics.

Warhorns Festival will take place at the Duchess in York on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th September with ticket details to be announced.


Orianthi returns to the UK with Alice Cooper

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The platinum-selling solo artist and iconic guitarist Orianthi will continue as a key member of Alice Cooper’s band for what is expected to be Cooper’s sole UK appearance of 2013 – a headlining performance at Cropredy Festival in Oxfordshire. For those who are unaware, Cropredy is an annual event launched by UK folk legends Fairport Convention back in 1980; this year it runs from August 8th – 10th, with Alice topping the bill on the 8th – Of course this is bad news for any Cooper fans who are heading to Bloodstock instead that weekend.

Having been a part of Alice’s live set-up since August 2011 and completing two world tours in this role, Orianthi is used to trading musical blows with this true master of horror!

Meanwhile, Orianthi is gearing up for the release of her new highly-anticipated album, Heaven In This Hell; produced by Dave Stewart, the record will be released on Spinefarm Records/Robo Records, and is scheduled to be released on March 11th 2013.

Heaven In This Hell is Orinathi’s third solo outing following Violet Journey (2007) and Believe (2010) and it certainly delivers a mega-dose of rock, weaving in elements of modern country and swampy blues.

“I am so proud of this album because it really showcases my style of riff heavy rock and energetic blues,” Orianthi remarks. “The success of ‘Believe’ helped to give me credibility and afforded me the freedom to create the kind of album I have been wanting to make, with musicians I respect, playing together live in a studio, creatively exchanging ideas… the way I want all my records to be made. My friend, collaborator and producer, Dave Stewart and I just jammed and hashed out a variety of songs and sounds until we found the grooves that inspired us.”

The iTunes version of the album comes complete with two bonus tracks.

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Hatebreed – the divinity of purpose

Posted in 'Core, CD on 21st February 2013 by Pieni

“The Divinity Of Purpose”
Released: 25th January 2013
Released via Nuclear Blast

 photo Hatebreed-TheDivinityOfPurpose-Artwork_zps57ff4237.jpg

This has been the longest period between albums that Hatebreed fans had to endure – 3 years and 4 months – but I believe they’ll agree it was worth it. Singer Jamey Jasta stated prior to its release that “The Divinity Of Purpose” would be “all pit, no shit”. And the man knew what he was saying: the 6th full album of one of Connecticut’s finest (7th if you include the cover album “For The Lions”) is a bag of metalcore treats.

The album kicks off with a very punk-ish track, the one which was actually released on Youtube last November as a preview of what was to come – “ Put It To The Torch”. It bears that stripped-down harshness and loose speed of hardcore punk, as well as rebellious and aggressive vocals. Same can be said about “Indivisible”, whose bass line adds an even stronger feeling of punk to it.

“Honor Never Dies” and “Own Your World” both push more to the ‘core side of the album, the gang vocals and breakdowns emphasised.

Then a thrashy/heavy/speed metal touch to “Before The Fight Ends You”, “Dead Man Breathing” or “Bitter Truth” gives you a more intense and edgy vibe when it comes to the riffs.

Hatebreed intermingle various elements of other genres to their metalcore basis, but in a way that won’t compromise its nature. The result is a strong structure with enough details to make the songs stand out of the ordinary and yet keep that straight-forward and raw sound that will make it a pit-friendly album, such as their frontman claimed it would be.

4 / 5

Renata “Pieni” Lino

Irish rock band Sweet Taste join Rocksector family

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The Irish rock outfit Sweet Taste have joined the Rocksector Records roster and have also announced details about their new EP Hit The Spot which will be released on 22nd April 2013.

With a genuine exuberance this Belfast-born classic rock sounds fresh and exciting, with songs beautifully crafted and played. Audiences at a Sweet Taste show will testify to the band’s skills in the live arena and with Hit The Spot the band has fine-tuned its recording to combine the energy of a live feel with a modern clarity of sound.

Formed in 2009, the band self-released a 3-track EP in September of that year and via a true commitment to live shows soon forged a place as one of Ireland’s most sought-after live acts. They’ve appeared at some of Ireland’s premier venues such as The Limelight, Spring and Airbrake, and The Empire Music Hall.

In 2011 Sweet Taste crossed the waters to appear at Hard Rock Hell in North Wales, appearing alongside bands such as Black Stone Cherry, Quireboys, Therapy? and Crash Diet.

Sweet Taste were just recently confirmed for an acoustic set at SOS Festival in North Manchester on 20th July and further tour dates are anticipated around the same time. Meanwhile, they launch the new EP with a Belfast show at The Empire Music Hall on 18th April.

The band is offering a free MP3 download of the song Get Your Groove On from the EP. Go to this location for the MP3, together with a sampler video.


Cattle Decapitation announced as support for Cryptopsy’s European tour

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Vegan Death Metallers Cattle Decapitation will return to Europe in April as support to the mighty Cryptopsy! Also on the bill are Decrepit Birth and The Last Shot Of War.

Cattle Decapitation singer Travis Ryan comments: “It’s great to hit the road with our friends Cryptopsy and Decrepit Birth again… and this time, in Europe! We’ll be hitting some spots harder than usual and some spots we’ve never been and we’re always into that. This might be the only time this year you guys see us so be sure to come out and rage with us!”

The full line-up:
+ EYECONOCLAST (from 12/04 to 20/04)
+ THE WAY OF PURITY (from 21/04 to 30/04)
+ REARMED (from 01/05 to 05/05)

Tour dates are as follows:

12/04/13 DE – Oberhausen – Helvete
13/04/13 DK – Aarhus – Metal Royal Fest
14/04/13 DE – Rostock – Alte Zuckerfabrik
15/04/13 DE – Berlin – K17
16/04/13 DE – Darmstadt – Steinbruch Theater
17/04/13 AT – Wien – Escape Metalcorner
18/04/13 CH – Zurich – Dynamo
19/04/13 IT – Pistoia – Pianeta Melos
20/04/13 IT – Romagnano Sesia – Rock & Roll Arena
21/04/13 FR – Luynes/Aix – Le Korigan
22/04/13 ES – Barcelona – Apolo 2
23/04/13 ES – Almeria – Sala Jala Jala
24/04/13 ES – Madrid – Caracol
25/04/13 PT – barosselas – SWR Fest
26/04/13 ES – Bilbao – Sonora
27/04/13 FR – Toulouse – Le Saint Des Seins
28/04/13 FR – Lyon – t.b.a.
29/04/13 FR – Nancy – t.b.a.
30/04/13 FR – Paris – t.b.a.
01/05/13 UK – Cardiff – Bogiez
02/05/13 UK – Glasgow – Audio
03/05/13 IE – Dublin – The Pint
04/05/13 UK – London – Underworld
05/05/13 NL – Tilburg – Neurotic Death Fest

Interview with Oz Bloodcurse [Neldöreth]

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Hailing from Pennsylvania, black metal band Neldöreth have been going for almost 10 years and are coming back with a new line up as well as a new album. The band has been busy setting up tour dates and finishing their newest album The Saints of Blasphemy – I: Baptized in Blasphemy.  I got a chance to do an e-mail interview with vocalist Oz Bloodcurse where he describes what exactly Neldöreth  is all about and his take on the underground metal scene today.


Lauren: How would you describe Neldöreth?

Oz Bloodcurse: Neldöreth is a fire which cannot be extinguished. We are a vessel or communication between two worlds. A pack of ravenous wolves, who will devour anything in our way.

L: How did Neldöreth form?

OB: I had made a pact with Satan to bring his blasphemous will to man many years ago. For a very long time, I had a hard time finding members who followed this same path, but recently I found those members in Heathen and Abyss. Also, I was tired of trendy “metal” bands polluting the scene in PA and wanted to bring something much different to the scene.

L: Why did you choose the name Neldöreth?

OB: When I first formed the band, the films based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, were very big. So I figured if I used a name from the series, it may draw some attention to ourselves, and we could then spread our message until them. The band’s lyrical content, however, has nothing to do with the books or films.

L: Who are your musical inspirations?

OB: We draw inspiration from any band who follows the same spiritual path as ourselves.

L: What are Neldöreth’s current plans for an album and shows?

OB: The new album, The Saints of Blasphemy – I: Baptized in Blasphemy, will be released on April 2nd. In May, we will do a short US run with Heathen and Abyss’ other band, Torment. Then in the Fall, we head out for a full US tour with our brothers in Hubris. In between tours we will begin working on the next album, which will be the second part of the Saints of Blasphemy trilogy.

L: What was the best and worst show ever played?

OB: One of my favorite rituals, was last year on the US tour when we headlined the Northern Hammerfest in Wisconsin. We hit the stage during the witching hour. It was a very inspiring experience for myself. The energy I felt around me was very strong. That is why when the promoter asked us to come back this year, of course I said yes! As far as worst, if after we play, if one person leaves and has gotten Satan’s message, then we have succeeded in our mission. Of course there are many shows with bad sound issues, or terrible opening bands, but this is common with every band, so I don’t let any of this sway me from the mission at hand.

L: How do you feel about the underground metal scene today?

OB: I really do not pay attention to any new bands coming out today, as I am stuck in the past when it comes to music. I truly believe the best and most influential bands, came out of the 60s – 90s. I am sick of the same bands, playing trendy music that all sounds the same, or thrash bands mimicking the bands of the 80s like a bunch of parrots  I feel nothing from any of these and to me, they are nothing special and will eventually phase themselves out for the next trend. However, I do enjoy the rising black metal and war metal scene out of Finland, Asia, and North/South America.

L: Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

OB: Keep an eye out for us this year when we tour the US and keep an eye out for our new album.