The Charm The Fury announce record deals with Listenable and Pavement

Holland’s best kept secret will today reveal exciting news as The Charm The Fury have announced joining forces with both Listenable Records, which is home to bands like Sarah Jezebel Deva, Betraying the Martyrs and Gorod, and Pavement Entertainment on two record deals that will see their next album released worldwide to fans who are highly anticipating the album’s release. The metalcore quintet not only offer something creatively different with their female screamer but a collection of high energy anthems that have hooked the industry with full effect with their monstrous sound. The band’s debut release The Social Meltdown saw a frenzy of hype surround The Charm The Fury with extensive coverage across National Radio including BBC Radio One and in Europe’s acclaimed Music Magazines including Metal Hammer and Kerrang.

The Charm The Fury have already graced stages with well known names such as I Killed The Prom Queen, Oh Sleeper and Textures during 2012, and a memorable performance at Groezrock Festival on top of those, that raised the bar and offered the band a greater platform to reach new fans. Already nailing support tours and shows across mainland Europe and the UK, it’s no surprise that the Dutch quintet are rapidly progressing as one of the industries hottest new artists.

The Dutch collective are in the process of nailing down the last parts of the forthcoming full length album which is set be on shelves and available across the continents by autumn, later this year, and promises to deliver further progression in not only sound and maturity but within the boundaries that continue to be pushed further and further. The new full length will include some very special guest vocal appearances and track after track that will grab you by the throat and leave you begging for more.

Caroline Westendorp, the band’s lead vocalist adds: "It is so exciting to see how fast the band has grown in such a short space of time, reactions have been so positive and it is great to welcome the two labels on board and make the next release a real big deal across seas. You can expect some cool surprises in the new record and we cannot wait to show the fans what we have in store for them."

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