Ravens Creed – The Power

Ravens Creed
The Power
Released 8th November 2012
Death Metal
Released via Doomentia Records

I think it well known that I great for slating bands (and other things), I could easily give you a whole review just destroying Delain’s excuse of an album We Are The Others [Editor’s note: Hence why she rarely reviews any album for us].  However there isn’t much I can slate about this album really.

The Power is the first song to feature on the album and after years of listening to Symphonic Metal, the heavy guitars that open out the track (and album). I loved this as an opening track start to finish, though like I mentioned in their live performance [Damnation – 3rd Nov 2012] the song was over very quickly with less than a minute of vocals and the spam lasting just over 2 minutes.  Bashed In is another short song that has a different sound to the previous, definitely something I feel could possible get crowds going if they and their songs reached wider audiences. Unlike the last song the vocals feature more early on in the song in comparison to The Power.

My favourite song of the entire album is Bloody Luxury – Maybe because I’m a student and I don’t get the same (bloody) luxuries as everyone else. But the songs start is straight off with heavy vocals, bringing an eargasmic feeling of just heavy, brutalising sounds which then continues into brilliant guitar solo. Wiccan Wanderers is probably my second favourite of this album and is something I could see on an Arch Enemy album. But like the others the songs, they are really short, though what grizzly sounds it does produce is good. Staying on the witchy theme, War Cauldron is a song for lovers of the heavier sound.

Raped by the Graveside (which could have been an alternative title for I Spit On Your Grave), carries the same cumbersome elements into the song. Rat King Rosary, Kick to Kill, Buried in the Bin – all have the elements though as I’ve been saying all the songs are all short BUT extremely enjoyable. There isn’t much to say about the others song from there they still have the driving and fierce use of guitars and grim sounding vocals.

Overall I think I was expecting an album of poor musical quality because of the band’s lack of recognition. I do feel, though, there need to be a time length on the songs. Songs I would recommend include Bloody, Luxuries, Wiccan Wanderers, and Silent In Crow Court. The album, despite the short songs, really does bombard you with a crestfallen sound of pure barbaric aggression.


Daniele Eley


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