Five reasons to see Korpiklaani on their UK tour

In less than a month, Finnish folk metal legends Korpiklaani will be bringing their vodka flavoured brand of folk metal to the UK, alongside Metsatoll. So, here’s our list of five reasons why you should go see them!

5. Shows Are Almost Sold Out

Yup, that’s right folks. According to our sources, tickets for each show are flying off the proverbial shelves like hotcakes. So, it would be wise to get your tickets now.

4. Drinking Songs!

Even the most casual of listeners will know that Korpiklaani has a number of drinking songs in their back catalogue and what’s more fun that dancing away to songs like Vodka or Beer Beer with a pint in your hand?

3. Local Supports

Okay, so while not every show on the tour has a local support*, the Manchester and Glasgow shows do have local supports opening up and both of them are fantastic acts, so it would be worth getting a ticket to the Glasgow or Manchester shows.

2. Probably Be The BEST Tour of 2013

Yeah, that’s right. We’re already taking bets on it being the best tour of this year – Probably will be the best tour of the decade.

1. It’s Korpiklaani!

And they don’t tour the UK that often!

Tickets for the Korpiklaani/Metsatoll UK tour can be found at the usual ticket retailers. Tickets for the aforementioned Glasgow & Manchester shows can be found at this location.

*Local supports at Glasgow and Manchester are Morlich (Glasgow) and Andraste (Manchester).

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