Lost Society unveil new album title, tracklisting and release date

17, 18, 19, 19. Nope, not today’s lottery numbers, but the ages of Finland’s most promising new metal band.

Founded in early 2010 in Jyväskylä, frontman – thrash/speed metal enthusiast Samy Elbanna (17), gathered an ensemble of passionate allies around him and created a band that will soon be known as one of the most energetic up-and-comers Scandinavia has produced in years.

Crafted under the aegis of famous producer Nino Laurenne (Amorphis, Ensiferum, Lordi) in the prestigious Sonic Pump Studios (Finntroll, Sonata Artica, Ominum Gatherum), the band’s debut ‘Fast Loud Death’, will most likely be ranked amongst this year’s best releases of it’s genre. It’s their fresh, high-energy songwriting forged in a fire with youthful passion and a thrill of playing that makes Lost Society such a breath of fresh air onto the scene.

The fantastic cover art was designed by none other than Ed Repka (Megadeth, Death, Sanctuary, Venom), who has once again created a true masterpiece, emanating the soul Lost Society’s music, as band leader Samy states:

“When we heard that the one and only Ed Repka would be responsible for the album art, we were thrilled – he has created some of the most killer album covers of all time! The result looks absolutely amazing and truly captures the album’s theme – a bus full of crazy people who blew it up big time!”

Ed Repka comments:

“This was a lot of work but a fun project, since both the band and the label were great to work with and very receptive to my input. Lost Society’s comical concept of their tour bus leaving a town destroyed was cool, but to make it even more crazy, I added the pop-culture “monster in car” aspect, giving the whole image a distinct, aggressive presence. Another tongue-in-cheek metal masterpiece is born!”

‘Fast Loud Death’ is set for release in the UK on 18/03/13.
Formats: Limited digipak, deluxe digital download via iTunes and black vinyl gate-fold, all incl. 2 bonus tracks.
Formats exclusive to Nuclear Blast Mail Order: Limited digipak + t-shirt bundle, limited blue-transparent 2LP gatefold. Pre-order your copy now at: http://www.nuclearblast.de/suche/lost_society_fast_loud_death

The track-listing of all the above named versions reads as follows:

01. N.W.L.
02. Trash All Over You
03. E.A.G.
04. KILL (Those Who Oppose Me)
05. Bitch, Out’ My Way
06. Fast Loud Death
07. Lead Through The Head
08. Diary Of A Thrashman
09. Toxic Avenger
10. This Is Me
11. Braindead Metalhead
12. Piss Out My Ass
13. Fatal Anoxia
Bonus tracks:
14. Escape From Delirium
15. I Stole Your Love (KISS cover song)

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