Die Hard – Conjure The Legions

Die Hard
“Conjure The Legions”
Released: 25th September 2012
Thrash Metal
Released via Agonia Records


Here’s another band sticking strictly to their roots, playing their old school thrash tinged by black-ish metal… meaning they’re doing nothing new.

The album starts with the title-track and it’s just as belligerent, which is, generally speaking, the key-word here. You know, the dry beats, the speedy riffs, guitar harmonics, angry vocals… the usual.

“Robe And Crown” and a hymn-like “Thrash Them All” are the ones that shred the most, although “Antichrist” hits it pretty hard as well. While in “Satanic Uprise” and “Sanctify The Morbid” a few changes in tempo indicate a slight concern in being something more than just loud. Still, it’s “Cold Scythe” that has more chances of standing out, given the loose punk hooks and the gang chorus-line.

And it’s pretty much this. Wish I had more to say, but “Conjure The Legions” is a very predictable album. Oh, wait, I can add that there’s a cover of Twisted Sister’s “Under The Blade”, but it wasn’t included in the files that were sent to us, so I can’t give you any details about it.

In a nutshell, I’m sure this won’t disappoint the fans of the band and the genre, but I doubt it will impress whoever listens to Die Hard for the first time. But then again, adapting an old saying, “beauty is in the ear of the beholder”.

3,5 / 5

by Renata “Pieni” Lino


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