Nidhoeggr – Ragnarök n’Roll

Band: Nidhoeggr
Album: Ragnarök n’Roll
Release date: January 2013
Genre: Folk Metal / Melodic Death Metal
Label: Self-released

‘Ragnarök n’Roll’ is the debut EP from Swiss folk metal band Nidhoeggr. It is the follow up to their 2011 demo ‘Heidenlaerm’.

First up is the lengthy ‘Hueter Des Hains’ which starts off with a long intro complete with some sombre-sounding guitars and keyboards. Then the music picks up the pace, the guitars become more catchy and the semi-growl vocals enter the frame. Even keyboards sound more lively at times with the exception of the melodic, slow piano-like solo half way through the track. They have even managed to whack in the odd guitar solo into the mix.

Then it’s back to good old catchy folk metal with ‘Niemals’ which offers a mixture of Amorphis/Equilibrium style, melo-death vocals and guitar riffs with some semi-acoustic, catchy folk melodies. I wish I knew what that instrument is! It doesn’t sound like a guitar. Banjo, maybe? Well, whatever it is it sure is catchy and gives the song that folk metal feel which was the not present in the opening track. Other noteworthy songs include: the band’s namesake ‘Nidhoeggr’, which features a great combination of energetic guitar solos and some accordion-esque keyboard tunes; and the catchy, folk style ‘Wiedersehn’ where the backing vocals and cheers make the track all the more memorable.

This is my first review of 2013 and I’m so glad that I picked this EP. Thanks Nidhoeggr! What a great start to the new year!


Iza Raittila

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