Beneath The Darkness–New World Order EP

Beneath The Darkness
New World Order EP
Released: Late January

Formed in earlier months of 2012, Beneath The Darkness have been making a noise in East Yorkshire’s scene, from playing local shows to headlining a tent at Tribfest and even supporting Welsh hardcore outfit Continents. The band finally recorded their debut EP, New World Order EP, over the last few months, with it being released later this month.

The EP opens up with violent sounding but catchy Remember The Way which really demonstrates the strength and depth of the song writing of such a young band – a brilliant beginning for the EP. The use of “beauty and the beast” vocals is surprising but it creates a unique sound for the EP and the band, whilst blending in with the callous drum work, thundering use of bass and screaming, melodic guitars. Entranced is one track that stands out above the rest of the EP, combining fierce screams with piquant singing that booms out over the heavy, driving riffs, like a volley of cannon balls on the battlefield.

Manic is infectiously catchy and memorable, probably due to the vast use of melodic riffs that are acutely combined with the heavier elements of the band’s music. Even the solo has a very memorable quality to it. While Manic is the most melodic track of the EP, there are plenty of melodic sections racing through the EP, colliding with the more lethargic aspects, instituting a violent, bloodthirsty and captivating sound.

Though Beneath The Darkness are still a young band, they certainly know their way around their instruments and have a knack for writing infectiously good tracks. Each track on New World Order radiates with energy and aggression, whilst keeping those nice little hooks in there to keep the listener’s attention.


Nico Davidson

2 Responses to “Beneath The Darkness–New World Order EP”

  1. Chloe-paige Says:

    This band is perfect love this band loads

  2. The Truth Hurts Says:

    Nar they suck.

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