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Sister Sin vocalist talks about touring with Doro

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The year and a half wait is finally over for American fans as Swedish heavy metal band Sister Sin have made their way back to North America to unleash a dose of heavy metal fury upon the masses. Beginning tomorrow, (Friday  1st February) in Tampa, Florida they will tour alongside Doro as they blaze through nineteen cities before beginning a series of headlining dates on February 24th in Las Vegas. Full tour dates can be found at this location. Ready to electrify audiences with their energetic and powerful stage performance, vocalist Liv Jagrell talks about touring with her idol exclusively on the Victory Records YouTube channel. The video can be found at this location.


Their recent album Now and Forever is available at Victory Records’ webstore and through iTunes and Amazon.


Hypocrisy announce album release shows and UK tour dates

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Hypocrisy, the monsters of Swedish Death Metal, have just confirmed and are happy to announce more tour dates for 2013.

The official release shows for their new album End Of Disclosure are going to take place on March 22nd in Stockholm at Klubben and March 23rd in Göteborg at Brew House, before the band make their way back to UK shores in April.

The band has also posted a tour trailer for the upcoming European tour, which you can check out below.

End Of Disclosure Tour 2013
+ HATE (pl)
+ ESSENCE (den)

16.04. UK London, Camden Underworld
17.04. UK Dublin, Button Factory
18.04. UK Glasgow, Audio

The new album End Of Disclosure will be released March 25, 2013 via Nuclear Blast.

Korpiklaani UK tour kicks off tonight

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The UK leg of Korpiklaani’s European tour, in support of their new album Manala, kicks off tonight in Norwich at the OPEN Concert Venue. The band are being supported by Metsatoll on the full European tour, with local support at the Glasgow (Morlich) and Manchester (Andraste) shows.

UK tour dates are as followed:

2013-01-31 Norwich (Open)
2013-02-01 Glasgow (Classic Grand)
2013-02-02 Manchester (The Academy)
2013-02-03 Dublin (Button Factory)
2013-02-04 London (Underworld)


New Northsong album on the horizon

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Cortland Runyon, the man behind the Viking metal solo project Northsong, recently that he’s finished writing the lyrics for the upcoming Northsong release. He also stated that he will begin vocal recording next week.

The Final Journey is set to be released through Warhorns Records in late February or March and will be available both physically and digitally. Cortland’s full announcement can be read at this location.

Northsong can be followed at the following locations:


Interview with David Homer [Apparition]

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Created 16 years ago by David Homer, Apparition have sailed through the UK’s underground scene, supporting more well-known acts such as ReVamp, Delain and Sarah Jezebel Deva.

With a performance coming up at The Dames of Darkness Festival and their recent album released through Ravenheart Music, David Homer, bassist for Apparition has a chat with Valkyrian Music’s Nico Davidson.

Nico: Your album For Vengeance… And For Love… was released recently, what are the main concepts on the album?

David: They are just different stories sang to music. No real concept except maybe ‘freedom’.

Nico: How does For Vengeance… And For Love… differ from previous Apparition releases?

David: Well, I was the only person on this album that was on the debut Drowned in Questions. The songs on For Vengeance are a lot heavier, better production because we took more time and I did the keyboards on all but two of the songs. I visited this keyboard player called Adam a few years ago and by watching him picked up tips on how to be creative with the keys instead of just playing simple chords. Thankfully, he is in the band now.

Nico: You’re playing the Dames of Darkness Festival in May. How are you feeling about that?

David: As we are hosting the show I am just hoping it all works out and that the bands and fans leave happy with good memories. If it is a success we might do others.

Nico: I understand you’ve shared the stage with Delain in the past. Are you looking forward to sharing the stage with them again at Dames of Darkness?

David: Yes because when we played with them the first time I didn’t really know them or their music. When I watch them this time it means the day is nearly over and I can relax.

Nico: How would you say that Apparition differs from the other “female-fronted” bands on the scene?

David: We are classed as symphonic metal and goth metal and we use live keyboards and not backing tracks like most bands both big and small. I feel there is enough creativity in the band to show that we don’t need orchestras or choirs. Not to say I don’t like bands that do have these parts because I do but it’s just not for us.

Nico: How would you describe your music to a potential fan?

David: If we jammed without vocals and keyboards we could be seen as a Metallica type band. By adding Sakara’s [Apparition‘s new frontwoman] wonderful singing and Adams keyboards we give the music atmosphere and feeling.

Nico: Apparition have played a number of different shows, some of which have been in support of acts like Sarah Jezebel Deva, ReVamp and Tarja Turunen. Which show would you say was the best one you’ve played?

David: My favourite show by far was with Sarah Jezebel Deva in Liverpool. We were really tight and had so much energy that night. The Tarja show was good because we played in front of many people and it was good to meet the lady herself.

Nico: Aside from the aforementioned Dames of Darkness Festival, what other plans do the band have for 2013?

David: We’re going overseas to play again. Last year we played at Angels Rock festival in Belgium with Azylya and ExLibris which was very cool. Before that we need to work hard at practices with new guitarist Nick and hopefully new drummer Alex.

Nico: What’s the meaning behind the band’s name, Apparition?

David: There isn’t one, it just sounds right for a gothic kind of metal or rock band.

Nico: Excluding yourselves, which band from the UK would you say are the best on the current British metal scene?

David: I am not saying this because we toured with them but I really love Sarah Jezebel Deva‘s band because they have great songs. Each night after we played I would still enjoy watching them even after ex amount of shows. Also Saturnian, a symphonic black metal band we played with at the Liverpool show were amazing. Everyone who knows our then guitarist Owen will tell you he never shuts up  BUT he was quiet for about the 30 minutes that they played. At first we thought he had gone to the lap dancing club next door but nope, he was transfixed!

Nico: Thanks for your time, David. I look forward to seeing you all at Dames of Darkness in May.

You can follow Apparition at these locations:


Interview with Stuart McLeod [Storm of Embers]

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Scottish power trio Storm of Embers are hot on the tail of the release of their new EP, I. With a string of shows coming up throughout the year, Nico grabs Storm of Embers bassist Stuart McLeod for a chat.

Nico: What’s the meaning behind the band’s name, Storm of Embers?

Stuart: When Al and I were coming up with the band name we wanted it to represent the musical ideas we had in mind and nearly all of the other names we were kicking around didn’t seem to suit the music. In our last band the music was very much thrash metal, so the name of that band kind of reflected that. To us, Storm of Embers suits our music perfectly. We don’t really have a meaning behind it, but if you listen to the music then it seems to be the only way to describe what we do.

Nico: Storm of Embers recently released the EP; I. What are the main themes that run through the EP?

Stuart: The main themes with the I EP, aside from giving a glimpse at what we are all about, lyrically speaking the main themes are life, change and the trials one goes through. Musically speaking this comes over as sometimes rather melancholic but with moments of, we like to think, beauty in amongst the melody and metal elements. Already we are working on the rest of the material for the upcoming full length release and it’s taking a pretty dark shape!

Nico: Describe Storm of Embers sound in five words or less.

Stuart: Dark, melodic, progressive music.


Nico: Are there any bands you’d like to recommend to our readers?

Stuart: Rather than recommend individual bands, we would like to encourage everyone to check out a new movement in Scottish music. There are so many amazing bands coming from Scotland we would be here all day if I were to try and name them all! We are part of the Hollow Earth Collective. This is a group of musicians and fans who are interested in all music progressive, post and experimental. Already there are plans for setting up a Hollow Earth Collective tour, I strongly recommend people to check this group out and listen to the bands, there are so many talented musicians and bands in Scotland, so that alone is a reason to check out any band from Scotland!

Nico: Where do you think the band will be in five years?

Stuart: In five years my hope for the band is to be working with a label to help further our career and help us get the music to as many people as possible. We are in this for the love of it, but having a 400 million pound contract wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Nico: When it comes to writing new material, where does the band draw inspiration from?

Stuart: Inspiration behind our music really depends on whoever the main writer of that particular song is. For me, when I write a song usually all it takes is an idea for a melody or feeling, then let the song write itself. Al is very much the lyric man of the band. So I present the music to the guys and we then flesh it out in funereal and develop the song into what it wants to be, and Al puts a message behind the song with his lyrics. So what may inspire the music may not necessarily be the same feeling that inspires the lyrics. Other times we jam riffs or melodies out in the studio and write it as a band jamming things out. I usually get nervous when Al comes in with songs as it usually means playing some sort of crazy riff in an even crazier time signature! But it’s all good, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter who wrote what because once the three of us start playing, it’s Storm of Embers.

Nico: As the Scottish metal scene in rarely spoke of, let alone mentioned much by the press, outside of Scotland, what can you tell us about the Scottish metal scene?

Stuart: The Scottish metal scene is great! There are so many amazing bands, so many different styles. You can pretty much find a metal gig any night of the week, especially in Glasgow where we are from. All scenes have their good and bad points, but overall its good. Again I urge you to check out the Hollow Earth Collective.

Nico: Do you have anything you’d like to say to our readers?

Stuart: To your readers all I can say a massive thank you for the support, it means the world to us for people to check us out, or buy our merch or come to our shows, and above all else enjoy the music and we hope to play near you soon! Stay inspired, support underground music because that’s where its at!

You can check out Storm of Embers at this location.


The Charm The Fury announce record deals with Listenable and Pavement

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Holland’s best kept secret will today reveal exciting news as The Charm The Fury have announced joining forces with both Listenable Records, which is home to bands like Sarah Jezebel Deva, Betraying the Martyrs and Gorod, and Pavement Entertainment on two record deals that will see their next album released worldwide to fans who are highly anticipating the album’s release. The metalcore quintet not only offer something creatively different with their female screamer but a collection of high energy anthems that have hooked the industry with full effect with their monstrous sound. The band’s debut release The Social Meltdown saw a frenzy of hype surround The Charm The Fury with extensive coverage across National Radio including BBC Radio One and in Europe’s acclaimed Music Magazines including Metal Hammer and Kerrang.

The Charm The Fury have already graced stages with well known names such as I Killed The Prom Queen, Oh Sleeper and Textures during 2012, and a memorable performance at Groezrock Festival on top of those, that raised the bar and offered the band a greater platform to reach new fans. Already nailing support tours and shows across mainland Europe and the UK, it’s no surprise that the Dutch quintet are rapidly progressing as one of the industries hottest new artists.

The Dutch collective are in the process of nailing down the last parts of the forthcoming full length album which is set be on shelves and available across the continents by autumn, later this year, and promises to deliver further progression in not only sound and maturity but within the boundaries that continue to be pushed further and further. The new full length will include some very special guest vocal appearances and track after track that will grab you by the throat and leave you begging for more.

Caroline Westendorp, the band’s lead vocalist adds: "It is so exciting to see how fast the band has grown in such a short space of time, reactions have been so positive and it is great to welcome the two labels on board and make the next release a real big deal across seas. You can expect some cool surprises in the new record and we cannot wait to show the fans what we have in store for them."

Ghostfest 2013: First announcement made

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It’s official! Following last year’s 2700 capacity sellout weekend of metal and hardcore mayhem, GHOSTFEST is back on 29th and 30th June 2013 and promises to raise the bar even further with even more big names in metal and hardcore than ever before. The first of many huge band announcements are as follows:

The Devil Wears Prada

The Acacia Strain

Veil of Maya

The Devil Wear’s Prada, The Acacia Strain and Veil Of Maya will be joined by bands like Iwrestledabearonce, Bury Your Dead, Harmsway, Vanna, Odessa, Malevolence, Chronographs, Twitching Tongues and Departures.

Toyan St.Hilaire, GHOSTFEST’s director, commented “I have to be honest, after the sucess of last year’s Ghostfest, I really felt the pressure to put together an event to match it, but this year has well exceeded what I was hoping for! Once again there’ll be three stages and a varied mix of bands, so there will be something for everyone and we’ve booked some of the biggest names the festival has ever seen. This year is going to be BIG! Stay tuned for more announcements”.

For the second year in a row, GHOSTFEST is partnering with Impericon and Rock Sound magazine and have brought in Hype clothing this year as the second stage sponsors. With more huge announcements over the coming months, Ghostfest 2013 is set to be the biggest it has ever been!

Tickets cost £37.50 Weekend / £25 Single day, with an exclusive pre-order available at this location. from Friday. Tickets go on general sale at,,, Crash Records and Jumbo Records from Monday 11th February.


Bonemud – Challenge Accepted [EP]

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“Challenge Accepted”
Released: 12th December 2012

 photo bonemud_zpse7e7b6cb.png

I’m not sure when Bonemud was formed, but I’m guessing it wasn’t that much before the release of their debut album “Tokoloshe”, in November 2010. It seems their line-up wasn’t very stable though – apart from founders guitarist Remi Makulec and singer Scott Allen – until late 2011. In January 2012 the band claimed to be “stronger than ever” with Nick Shaffer on drums and Thom Wood on bass and this “Challenge Accepted” is here to prove so.

I labelled them as “rapcore” because it’s how they’re commonly known as. But then I had to add a broader term – “metal” – because if the first track, “Homiez”, leaves no doubt about its rapcore/nu-metal nature, the other three reveal much more than that.

Right up next comes “Lil’ Whore”, which is a strong I-don’t-want-to-love-you ballad and could have been performed by a modern rock band. I’m not saying this in any derogatory way – by the contrary. It’s a catchy song, with cranking but melodic riffs, and totally different from what you’d expect from a rapcore band. That’s what I meant before – they’re capable of playing all kinds of genres and subgenres of music.

Then “Something I Am” goes back to the nu-metal path, the one that’s closer to the industrial neighbourhood. At least in the first minute and half, before the first chorus, you hear an enhanced electronic structure and heavy beats.

And the best way to describe “U&I” is alternative metal – nothing “core” about it, but too harsh for rock-something.

Not sure if a whole album will work with this formula, consisting in no formula at all and every song pushing into a different direction. But in a 4-track EP you don’t have time to get confused and such a “mess” of elements and subgenres becomes kind of interesting.


Renata “Pieni” Lino


Enslaved launch competition for fans to create a lyric video for RIITIIR

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Norwegian progressive extreme metal band Enslaved have launched a brilliant and killer competition for fans to create a lyric video for the title track off their new album, RIITIIR. Fans can get their hands on signed Enslaved merchandise by creating their own lyric video, as well as a video message from the band thanking them for their efforts. The video will be uploaded to both the Nuclear Blast (Europe) and Enslaved YouTube channels too!

Competition details and rules are as follows:

1. Download the track here.
2. Create your video for RIITIIR using all original material. Do not use any copyrighted footage or other people’s material.
3. Upload your video to YouTube and be sure to include NUCLEAR BLAST FAN VIDEO CONTEST in the title.
4. Send your Youtube link to:, with the email subject ENSLAVED FAN VIDEO SUBMISSION. Please also include your full name, address and country of residence.

First place:

  • Your video will be announced as the Official Lyric Video for the track ‘RIITIIR’ and will be uploaded to the band and label YouTube channels.

You will also receive:

  • ENSLAVED’s new album ‘RIITIIR’ (Vinyl- and Digi-Version), signed by the band
  • 1 x ‘RIITIIR’ tshirt
  • A special thank you from the band

Second place:

  • The runner up will receive 1 copy of the CD/Digipak version of ‘RIITIIR’ and 1 x ‘RIITIIR’ tshirt.

The contest ends on 28 March 2013. The winning clip will be chosen by the band and the winners will be contacted by Nuclear Blast.

Enslaved‘s UK dates rack up as follows:

14 March – NQ LIVE, Manchester UK
15 March – HAMMERFEST, Wales UK
16 March – Button Factory, Dublin IR
17 March – Limelight 2, Belfast UK
19 March – The Corporation, Sheffield UK
20 March – The Fleece, Bristol UK
21 March – The Underworld, London UK

Tour dates and tickets can be found on the band’s Facebook page, here.

Buy ‘RIITIIR’ on CD at this location.

Buy ‘RIITIIR’ on iTunes at this location.


Ravens Creed – The Power

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Ravens Creed
The Power
Released 8th November 2012
Death Metal
Released via Doomentia Records

I think it well known that I great for slating bands (and other things), I could easily give you a whole review just destroying Delain’s excuse of an album We Are The Others [Editor’s note: Hence why she rarely reviews any album for us].  However there isn’t much I can slate about this album really.

The Power is the first song to feature on the album and after years of listening to Symphonic Metal, the heavy guitars that open out the track (and album). I loved this as an opening track start to finish, though like I mentioned in their live performance [Damnation – 3rd Nov 2012] the song was over very quickly with less than a minute of vocals and the spam lasting just over 2 minutes.  Bashed In is another short song that has a different sound to the previous, definitely something I feel could possible get crowds going if they and their songs reached wider audiences. Unlike the last song the vocals feature more early on in the song in comparison to The Power.

My favourite song of the entire album is Bloody Luxury – Maybe because I’m a student and I don’t get the same (bloody) luxuries as everyone else. But the songs start is straight off with heavy vocals, bringing an eargasmic feeling of just heavy, brutalising sounds which then continues into brilliant guitar solo. Wiccan Wanderers is probably my second favourite of this album and is something I could see on an Arch Enemy album. But like the others the songs, they are really short, though what grizzly sounds it does produce is good. Staying on the witchy theme, War Cauldron is a song for lovers of the heavier sound.

Raped by the Graveside (which could have been an alternative title for I Spit On Your Grave), carries the same cumbersome elements into the song. Rat King Rosary, Kick to Kill, Buried in the Bin – all have the elements though as I’ve been saying all the songs are all short BUT extremely enjoyable. There isn’t much to say about the others song from there they still have the driving and fierce use of guitars and grim sounding vocals.

Overall I think I was expecting an album of poor musical quality because of the band’s lack of recognition. I do feel, though, there need to be a time length on the songs. Songs I would recommend include Bloody, Luxuries, Wiccan Wanderers, and Silent In Crow Court. The album, despite the short songs, really does bombard you with a crestfallen sound of pure barbaric aggression.


Daniele Eley


Interview with Alex Cook [Narcotic Death]

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Narcotic Death have left a trail of horror and destruction in the five years they’ve been on the UK’s extreme metal scene and at one point, even boasted My Dying Bride’s violinist/keyboardist Shaun MacGowan amongst their ranks. With their new album, Dies Irae, currently in the works, Narcotic Death‘s vocalist Alex Cook sits down with Valkyrian Music’s editor, Nico, to reveal the grizzly details about the new album and what devious plans the band have in store for the masses.

Nico: What’s the meaning behind the band’s name, Narcotic Death?

Alex: The band name is open to interpretation. For me, it illustrates the soothing capacity of euthanasia and a slow, sleeping death through the injecting of narcotic substances. A seduction of the living senses to dying. Death is something that we all fear in mortal capacity, and perhaps it is wrong to do so, because it is through that fear that we hold on too long and subject our bodies and minds to degradation. If we were more accepting, the journey would be easier; life would be more fulfilling, and grieving less painful.

Nico: You’ve been working on the new album, Dies Irae, what are the prominent themes of the album?

Alex: Warped religious ideals, debauchery, cynicism and punishment. Some of the songs on the album are re-workings of religious tales. Rain is about a deluge from Heaven that drowns humankind. The Accuser is about Christ and the Devil discussing how the religious experiment has failed because even Christ himself cannot endure the torments he inflicts on human kind and The Butcher and the Scribe details a plague upon mankind sent by Heaven’s destroying angels. The other tracks, such a Gorgon and Throne of Stars use humanity’s ignorance and worthlessness as themes.

Nico: Dies Irae is Latin for “Day of Wrath”. Why did you choose this to be the title of the album?

Alex: To incorporate the religious themes and also to highlight how humanity has failed itself and awaits some form of punishment. Religion is an excuse, and our ignorance is too for turning a blind eye and idealising our stained living conditions. The title track Dies Irae embodies these themes most obviously by approaching the matter of child abuse within the church and the casual indifference of the masses because of the power religion still possesses. ‘Intelligence insists the absence of religion, the wholesomeness of our existence, chained to our decay. A man that cannot control himself is no longer free. They know this. They have always known.’ Overall, the title is an embodiment of the main notion within the album; that one day soon, our evils will come back to haunt us, and when it does, we will blame others, but it is ourselves who are guilty.

Nico: What song do you feel will be the strongest track on the album?

Alex: My personal favourite is Cainite because it is laden with doom and suffocating misery. You lose yourself in those sweeping riffs, and the lyrics are chant-like in places to illustrate the character’s despair. It tells a biblical story from another point of view, and this is something I greatly enjoyed doing with most of the tracks on the album. You are taught them one way, but when you look more deeply, there is only darkness and a sordid idealism. The Butcher and the Scribe is probably the strongest track, because of its subject matter and crushing, aggressive guitar riffs and drum patterns. Every member shines on that track, but the others all have distinct qualities of their own whether it be an impending sense of doom, visceral terror or disgust and fury.

Nico: Narcotic Death have played a fair share of gigs and obviously with a number of different bands, which bands have you enjoyed gigging with the most?

Alex: Our gigging history is quite a lengthy one, but I think Severed Heaven are a band that we have known and admired for a very long time; we played our second ever gig with them, and our most recent one, so they are a band that we have grown with. They’re a delightful group of ladies, and it is difficult not to be taken in by them and their unique ‘chug’.

Nico: How will Dies Irae differ from previous Narcotic Death releases?

Alex: I think that the new album will show a degree of maturity both with regards to technique and song writing. Our intention is a lot clearer here than it was with the other releases, and I think that makes for a stronger, more memorable impression. The other releases, our EP for instance was honest, but had a lot of different styles on it; there wasn’t a sound distinctly ours, and the first album was more or less the same due to line-up changes. It has taken five years to develop a sound that is true and recognisable as ours, and that has as much to do with people that have left the line-up as the ones that are still here. Everybody left a scar somewhere.

Nico: How has the experience of recording Dies Irae gone so far?

Alex: Very well. Going in the studio is always a daunting time for any musician, but I am proud of what has been accomplished so far. As of this time, I have yet to go and record my voKILLS, but I have been redrafting my lyrics and planning out the different sections so the sound will be visceral and terrifying with a multitude of layers. Appropriate for such layered and traumatic subject matter. I want the music to be felt as well as heard.

Nico: As it’s still early in the year, what lies in store for Narcotic Death throughout 2013?

Alex: More acquaintances to be made, more countries to be seen and more people to be terrified into submission. First and foremost, is to get the album released so we have something to show for ourselves at any future gigs. We are also hoping to shoot a music video for one of the tracks; a Narcotic Death first that will undoubtedly be a great experience, as well as something to show off and express our madness through.

Nico: If you could take any poem or other piece of literature and turn into a piece of music, which one would it be and why?

Alex: Paradise Lost by [John] Milton would be an excellent choice, just for how the tale twists and turns from awe of heaven, to grief and anger at being cast out, as well as wonder and bereavement at walking on earth. It is hopelessly romantic, melancholic and sincere. Imagine soundscapes, maybe with just a few whispered phrases. For a work like that with such power, words are not needed to express what it is trying to say.

Nico: Describe Narcotic Death‘s sound in five or less words.

Alex: Traumatic visceral Swedish-esque near-death experience.

Nico: If you replace the soundtrack to any film with your own music, which one would it be and why?

Alex: Perhaps one of the Universal classics, such as Dracula or Frankenstein. That era of film was a realm unto itself, and our music would add to their sinister edge, or be complemented by the strange, but beautiful images on screen. 

Nico: Are there any bands you’d like to recommend to our readers?

Alex: Severed Heaven for glorious chugging riffs and painful vocals. Ebony Lake for a surreal, tormenting sound stupor. Nightshadows Lament for classic, doom soaked black metal.

Nico: Do you have anything to say our readers?

Alex: Thank you very much for reading and expressing an interest in our sinister cynicism. I hope that the misery we breed will live on in you, and in turn, infect others. I hope too, that I will be able to meet you at one of our gigs, and that you will be heartily traumatised by all we have to offer.

You can follow Narcotic Death at the following locations:

Sister confirmed as support on Wednesday 13 UK tour

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Sister will make their first ever UK appearances supporting Wednesday 13 in March. The Swedish sleaze and punk influenced metal outfit are looking forward to tearing it up: “Finally its time for Sister to hit the UK. Since the cancelled tour with GWAR one year ago it’s constantly been in our minds to get our asses over there. So… We are really proud to announce that we will do a tour with no other than Wednesday 13! Will be an honour to share the stage with him and the band! So get ready and we’ll make sure our presence will be heard all over your fine country. So to all motherfuckers (like you) in the UK: See ya in March!

Check out the video for “Spit On Me” at this location.

Wednesday 13 + SISTER


March 2013

6th         BRIGHTON – Concorde 2

7th         BRISTOL – The Fleece

8th         MANCHESTER – Club Academy

9th         NOTTINGHAM – Rock City

10th         GLASGOW – Cathouse

11th         NEWCASTLE – Northumbria University

12th         WOLVERHAMPTON – Slade Rooms

13th         LONDON – O2 Academy Islington

Sister, who hail from Stockholm/Jönkoping Sweden, formed in early 2006 working hard to build up a name as a strong act both live and in the studio. The band consists of 4 members- Jamie on vocals, Tim on guitars and backing vocals, Rikki on bass and backing vocals, and Cari on drums and backing vocals- who combine the sounds of Punk, Glam, Rock, and Metal with an end result sounding something like the bastard child of GG Allin and Guns N’ Roses. The band’s Metal Blade debut, HATED, was released in June 2011 and was met with strong praise from press and fans alike.

Hated is out now on Metal Blade



Enforcer – Death By Fire

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Death By Fire
Released 1st February 2013
Heavy Metal
Released via Nuclear Blast

Dominating the Swedish metal scene for almost a decade, Enforcer have proven that old school metal isn’t dead yet. With two albums already under their belts, Death By Fire, which is the band’s latest album, is due to be released through Nuclear Blast next month.

I’m not familiar with Enforcer’s previous material and I’m not going to pretend that I am either. Death By Fire really did take me by surprise as the last “old school” Swedish metal album I listened to was basically a copycat version of Iron Maiden. Passing on from the eerie introductory track that is Bells Of Hades, Enforcer’s Death By Fire takes you on a rollercoaster ride of neck breaking tracks and 80’s styled metal, in the same vein as bands like Judas Priest and Saxon, only with more speed and fury. Some of the tracks have infectious choruses and melodies which feature prominently while some of the other tracks take a slight change in musical direction but still wail out the old school influences. Take Me Out Of This Nightmare is definitely a favourite of mine on the album due to the memorable hook and catchy lyrics. Crystal Suite offers a break from the vocals and instead offers up a palate of fast and furious musicianship. Another track that I find to stand out is Death Rides This Night because of the typically classic sounding vocal work and the violent onslaught of percussion and guitars that would no doubt causes faces to be melted at the right volume.

Sacrificed has a gentler yet more majestic approach in the opening few bars before the fierce snarling guitar playing kicks in like a bulldog with anger management issues. Another track that caught my attention was Satan, not because of the name but because of howling fiery energy that just explodes with each lyric, each riff and each hit of the drums. Seven the solo has a vehement turbulence that just wants to burst out and smash things up. The album finishes with A Break From Tradition and it is quite literally a break from the band’s traditional sound. The melo-death sound of the song really is a wake up call for the listener – in this case, a damned brutal one.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not familiar with Enforcer’s previous material but after hearing Death By Fire, I really wish I was familiar with their music now. The album offers up a grand feast of truly classic riffs and hooks, as well as vocals that rival the likes of Judas Priest’s Rob Halford or Manowar’s Eric Adams and has enough thrills to keep your ears on the edge of the proverbial seat.


Nico Davidson


Interview with NettleCarrier

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After releasing their self titled album in September of 2012, NettleCarrier have grown a small following in Europe and are the epitome of traditional black metal. I got the chance to interview the band via e-mail in which they discuss their influences on their music, how the band was formed, and how they enjoy hiking in the Norwegian mountains.

How did you come up with the name NettleCarrier?

Our first drummer came up with the name so I guess you would have to ask him. The meaning being a spreader of death suits us and fits the music

How did NettleCarrier form?
Me and Mannevond formed the band in 2004 when I moved to Oslo. We had been talking about playing together for a long time and me moving just kick started the process. At that time I also played in Ljå, but after I left LJå and started Djevel I had more time to focus on Nettlecarrier as well. We had a desire to do something different from our other bands, but obviously it ended up pitch black in the end anyway.

If you were to describe NettleCarrier in one word, what word would it be and why?
Sinister. Because we are.

What bands influence your music the most?
Hmm, In NettleCarrier it is mostly band from the 80`s like Bathory and Hellhammer, but also stuff like Aura Noir etc.

Do you have any other hobbies when you aren’t making music?
Hiking in the Norwegian mountains.

What are your thoughts on the current metal scene?
I am a very big music fan, and I like almost all genres, but I can`t keep track of all that is happening anymore. I have noticed that the underground has started to move again so that’s good. On the other hand I really hate the term “Extreme metal”. That’s s just like a big garbage can filled with lame bands.

What are some upcoming shows/touring that you plan on doing?

We played at Bunker 2012 in Oslo in august and we will play Bunker again this year. We are not a live-band, so one concert every year is far too much already.

Who would you like to tour with?
Since we would never go on a tour I would have to say no one.

Anything you would like to say to your fans?
Keep supporting the underground and stay away from all false; ANTI “king ov hell”


The End Of Grace unveil new track, featuring Lillasyster-Martin Westerstrand

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 photo teog_zps9c0b4152.jpg

The End Of Grace, the newest metal wonder from Göteborg, Sweden, has just made available on YouTube the song they recorded with Lillasyster-singer Martin Weststrand.

The band is currently working on their debut, but meanwhile you can check both on YouTube and Reverbnation another 3 songs besides this “Fist Face Bleed”, so you can have an idea of what’s coming your way soon.

Fen announced as support to Agalloch on 28 date European tour

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Progressive, atmospheric black metallers Fen have been confirmed to support USA’s Agalloch on an extensive 28 date European tour during both April and May of this year. Commenting on the addition of Fen to the line-up Agalloch said: “We are proud to announce that joining us on our upcoming European tour will be our long time friends Fen (UK). We’ve played with FEN numerous times already in the UK, Belgium, and the US and are very pleased they’ll be with us for this extensive European tour…We are confident that our European fans will be blown away by the band’s fierce live show and their genuine and emotionally powerful music”. Fen, who are the only support on the tour, will be promoting their newly released album Dustwalker. Agalloch will play a set of around 2 hours which will include a performance of their new EP Faustian Echoes in full for the first time in Europe – Certainly something for the European crowds to look foward to!

Routing for Lucifer Over Europe tour, which includes 16 countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe and Scandinavia is as follows:

21.04.2013 DE – Berlin / K17 
22.04.2013 BE – Aalter / Kadans
23.04.2013 FR – Nantes / Le Ferrailleur 
24.04.2013 ES – Bilbao / Sala Rockstar
25.04.2013 PO – Barroselas / SWR-Fest
26.04.2013 ES – Madrid / Sala Caracol
27.04.2013 ES – Barcelona / Sala Apolo 2
28.04.2013 FR – Luynes / Le Korigan
30.04.2013 DE – Stuttgart / Club Zentral SOLD OUT
01.05.2013 DE – Leipzig / Moritzbastei
02.05.2013 PL – Wroclaw / Asymmetry-Fest  (AGALLOCH only)
03.05.2013 LT – Vilnius / New York Club 
04.05.2013 EE – Tallinn / Tapper 
05.05.2013 FI – Tampere / Klubi 
06.05.2013 FI – Helsinki / Korjaamo
07.05.2013 FI – Oulu / Nuclear Nightclub
08.05.2013 SW – Umea / Scharinska Villan
09.05.2013 NO – Trondheim / Familien
10.05.2013 NO – Oslo / Parkteatret
11.05.2013 SW – Göteborg / Sticky Fingers
12.05.2013 NL – Arnhem / Willemeen 
13.05.2013 DE – Köln / Werkstatt
14.05.2013 DE – München / Backstage
15.05.2013 SL – Nova Gorica / Mostovna
16.05.2013 IT – Roma / Traffic Club
17.05.2013 IT – Travagliato / Circolo Colony
18.05.2013 AT – Vienna / Viper Room 
19.05.2013 CZ – Ostrava / Barrak

You can follow Fen at the following:

You can follow Agalloch at the following:

1st edition of Lisbon Dark Fest announced

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Fábrica da Música Events has released the final bill for what should be the first edition of a one-day festival in the capital of Portugal, to take place every year from now on.

Besides some popular names of the Portuguese scene – Inffection, Secrecy, My Enchantment, Holocausto Canibal and Ava Inferi – the fest will welcome German Crematory (for the first time ever in this country) and headliners Swedish Therion (who’ve last played in Portugal 15 years ago). Surely something not to miss.

The chosen venue is Voz do Operário Graça and the show is set to start at 6 p.m, on April 27th. Tickets cost 30 €.

CrashDïet – The Savage Playground

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“The Savage Playground”
Released: 22nd January 2013
Glam/sleaze rock
Released via Gain Records

 photo f875a156-fb36-4bb9-a7ed-acb4a0ff1247_zps3b025c92.jpg

You should never assume a certain genre of music belongs to a certain age. The so-called “eighties hair metal” is very much rocking and up-to-date nowadays, at least when it comes down to CrashDïet.

The band has matured in these last couple of years, sounding harder and somewhat more consistent, yet without ever losing its rebellious sleaze grip. There’s also a bigger concern for details, little touches that turn the songs richer but keep them in the straightforward rock path.

For instance, the first single, “Cocaine Cowboys”. As the title itself reveals, it’s a song about that particular addiction, the masters and slaves of it. And as they chose to call the dealers by “cowboys”, the intro is the main riff of the song played in an acoustic guitar, very Old West style. And that repetitive note which “Anarchy” starts with, building expectations up, just like in a riot. Or the piano in “Excited”. Don’t know about you, but I thought these were all priceless.

The opening track, “Change The World”, brings to mind “Riot In Everyone” – the same message of not following political-correct flocks, but the music itself more elaborated, more guitar work, the bass even more present and the beats more diverse. It has single-material stamped all over it.

Not a ballad in any way – this time the boys kept them at bay – but there’s something softer about “California” that makes you think of convertibles driving through long avenues into the California sunset, just like you see in the movies. Mind you that I said “softer”, not “soft”, as the rhythm is still pretty much alive here.

Both “Circus” and “Damaged Kid” keep the rock pumping through and through, but it’s “Drinkin’ Without You” that’s the sleaze rock poster-song, all sleek and loose. “Snakes In Paradise” is also very sleazy, but in a dark kind of way.

And then there’s “Garden Of Babylon”, a track with some of the angriest and, at the same time, most melodic moments of “The Savage Playground”. Despite its more than 7-minute length, something we’re not used to with CrashDïet, I strongly recommend it.

When I reviewed “Generation Wild” almost three years ago, the last line read “The kids of the underground are back and, I dare to say, stronger than ever”. Now that “The Savage Playground” is here, “stronger than ever” takes a whole new meaning.

5 / 5

Renata “Pieni” Lino

First bands announced for Valkyrian Festival 2013

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Once again, Shades Nightclub in Bridlington will play host to Valkyrian Festival on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th November and Sunday 1st December. The event, organised by Valkyrian Music editor Nick Taylor – who is better known by his pen name Nico Davidson, aims to raise money, this year, for RapeCrisis.

Confirmed already for the three day event are British melodic metallers Nya who have been making a lot of noise down south. With two EPs already under their belt, as well as a headline performance on the Doghouse Stage at Download 2011 and an appearance coming up at this year’s Metal Days Festival in Slovenia, the band are ready to raise hell for charity. Nya frontwoman Anezka commented, saying: “It’s a privilege to be playing this years Valk-Fest, joining a line-up of great bands to support RapeCrisis, a truly great cause. So prepare yourself for a hard hitting wall of metal and don’t forget to buckle in for the ride! See you there! Nya.”

Joining Nya on the second day of the event, will be Yorkshire doom-death outfit Narcotic Death. Having formed in 2007, the band have gone onto gain infamy in the Yorkshire area for their unique blending of Yorkshire-styled doom and death metal, which has led to their music being described as “the soundtrack to Paranormal Activity”. Narcotic Death’s vocalist Alex commented: “We look forward to bringing our brand of terror to such a worthy cause and what will be an exceptional festival.

Also, confirmed alongside Nya and Narcotic Death is the UK’s finest folklore-orientated black metal overlords Old Corpse Road. The five-piece outfit have written a dark and brooding legacy over the years they’ve been on the scene and have taken their heathen anthems to some of the UK’s premier festivals such as Bloodstock, Warhorns and Metieval. With a vast collection of mystifying compositions, it will be witching hour at Valkyrian Festival when Old Corpse Road take to the stage.

And for fans of bands such as Nightwish, Sarah Jezebel Deva and Delain, Worksop-based operatic metallers Aonia will also be returning to the Valkyrian Festival stage. Described as “England’s answer to Finland’s Nightwish and Sweden’s Therion”, Aonia are excited to be bring their own unique style to Valkyrian Festival.

Valkyrian Music have also organised a Battle of the Bands where the winning band earns themselves a slot at the festival. The single round BOTB will take place on Saturday 27th April at Shades Nightclub, Bridlington. Confirmed to compete so far are Lipstick Sunbeam, Seconds Apart and Fallen Angel. The winning band will determined by the audience and tickets will be available on the door for £2.

Weekend tickets are available for pre-order via Valkyrian Music’s BigCartel store and are priced at only £5 each (excluding postage and packaging) and for those who like to keep the party going, there will be an after party each night at Shades Nightclub which will be free for all ticket holders (£1 for non-ticket holders). The after parties will be DJ’ed by resident DJ Steve Hall, who plays only the best in rock and metal and to sweeten the deal, there will also be give aways and raffles at the event.

There is also an active JustGiving page set up to help raise money before and after the festival. The JustGiving page can be found at this location.

Updates and further information can be found at the following locations:

Nya’s latest EP, Drivin’ The Nails In, was released 5th November and is available from their BigCartel store.

Narcotic Death are also taking pre-orders for their upcoming album Dies Irae, which can be pre-ordered from their BigCartel store along side their new line of t-shirts.