Atragon – Volume 1

Volume 1
Released: 14th December, 2012
Doom Metal
Released via Witch Hunter Records

Although doom metal really isn’t my preferred choice of metal, I was thoroughly impressed by how well executed Atragon’s EP Volume 1 was. With only two tracks that add up to a total of almost 25 minutes, I was drawn to the slow, melodic riffs paired with vocals that had the perfect amount of drone and brutality. In their faster riffs, you can hear a definite influence of Candlemass who are just epitome of doom metal, and it’s those riffs paired with the slower parts that made this EP worth listening to.

Both songs, The Sound in the Halls and Jesus Wept, are both similar in delivery and in depth, although Jesus Wept is the longer of the two. That song was dragged out more with a doomy part placed in the middle of it that really added, in my opinion, to the entire song itself. The slower and doomier parts in both songs actually gave me chills by how beautiful they were, and it’s very hard to give me chills especially with this kind of metal that I’m not entire familiarized by. I’ll admit that I was not really into the music at first, but as I kept listening to it, I felt myself loving it more and more. This band has great musicianship that can be clearly heard in this EP.

I highly recommend checking this EP out. There’s only 150 copies but you can also pay for both songs on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. I feel that this band will flourish in their music and eventually progress into a successful doom metal band in the way they’re making their music now.


Lauren Gowdy

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