The Sorrow – Misery-Escape

The Sorrow
Due for release/Released: October 2012
Melodic Death Metal/ Metalcore
Released via Label: Napalm Records

‘Misery-Escape’ is the fourth album from the Austrian melodic death metal band The Sorrow. It is the follow up to their self-titled album from 2010.

As soon as the vocals kick in after the intro to ‘Retraced Memories’, it’s pretty that this is more ‘core’ than melodic death metal! I mean, don’t get me wrong as the music isn’t bad; there’s some decent guitar riffs, if you ignore the occasional bread-down that is, but the vocals piercing through the song just make my ears sore. If it’s not the half-arsed, badly executed attempts to melodeath-style growling, it’s the evermore irritating clean vocals which have a habit of wrecking even the most promising of songs. ‘Burial Bridge’ being a good example of this; decent guitar riffs and good atmosphere right before the vocals enter the fold. Such a shame!

That pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the album. You really have to listen out for that unique, melodic guitar riff or the atmospheric intro to a track and cherish that brief moment of joy before the vocals start and destroy everything their path. Take ‘Buried In The Deep’ for instance, it has some really pleasant sounding guitar melodies, if only they would have left it as an instrumental. Then there’s the soothing, atmospheric guitar part half way through ‘A Thin Red Line’. Sadly it’s not long before that too is eradicated by the appalling vocals and the break-downs storming through like a tornado.

Another example of this problem is ‘Lost Chapters’ which offers another promising, melodic guitar intro and outro. It’s a shame that they had to add the squealing vocals to what was an otherwise decent sounding melodic death metal ballad.


Iza Raittila

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