Absolva – Flames of Justice

Flames of Justice
Released: November 2012
Heavy Metal
Released via  Rocksector Records

‘Flames of Justice’ is the debut album from the Manchester-based, British heavy metal band Absolva. The band features two members from the classic metal band Fury UK and has already started to gain recognition after their performance at Bloodstock Open Air last summer.

First up is the title track ‘Flames of Justice’ with some catchy guitar riffs and standard heavy metal style clean vocals. There’s even a few guitar solos added to the mix. Speaking of guitars, one interesting fact about this band is that they have two lead guitarists; an unusual mix but it seems to work well. In many ways this is a very guitar-focused album with tracks such as ‘Hundred Years’ highlighting the reasons why this particular guitar combination is so powerful. There’s something special about the synchronized melodies produced by the two guitars which makes each one’s individual pattern all the more noticable.

There’s also tracks like ‘Breathe’ where the focus shifts briefly towards the vocals as the guitars turn on to the progressive side and the overall pace slows down a little. One thing I wasn’t expecting was the acoustic style instrumental ‘State Of Grace’ which, once again highlights the skills of the guitarist. Unexpected but pleasant-sounding nonetheless. Then it’s back to good old, classic heavy metal with ‘From Beyond The Light’ offering a fair share of good guitar solos. Another noteworthy track is the catchy and energetic ‘Empires’ in which the guitar solos and the combination of leads and vocals ensure that the album ends on a high.

Overall this is a very promising debut. It’s good to see new bands producing this type of heavy metal rather than following the metal-core trend that seems to dominate the scene nowadays.


Iza Raittila

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