Tommy Justice – Setting Fire To History

Tommy Justice
“Setting Fire To History”
Released: November 2012
Classic Hard Rock
Released via Casket Records


It’s quite commendable seeing someone sticking to his beliefs instead of following the latest trends. The question is if he’s doing it right enough to touch people and stand above the average classic hard rock band. My humble opinion is that no, Tommy Justice isn’t.

The shrilling guitars, especially the solos of songs such “Every Inch The Rock Star”, “Let Me In” and “Six Shot Blues”, are just too much and no matter how skilled those fingers are on the strings, the word cliché lit up in neon in my brain.

There’s a reason why we use the term “gang vocals” and not “group vocals” or “backup choir”. The most common use of the word “gang” implies a wild and menacing behaviour of their members. And so “gang vocals” should have a certain edge to it, like a rebel yell of sorts where you can feel the adrenaline boost of a bunch of youngsters playing rock music together. And since I’ve wasted so many words to give you this explanation, you’ve probably guessed that the so-called “gang vocals” throughout “Setting Fire To History” are everything but. “Love You To Death” and “Rats With Wings”, for instance – the other guys are just shadowing Tommy’s voice, in a pretty shallow outcome.

“Open Ride” is the mandatory bluesy song, and just as mandatory are the ballads “Everywhere I Look” and “If I Could Change”, where the guitars seem to weep their strings out.

Mind me – I’m not saying this is a bad album. I’m just saying that it’s far from impressive, especially if you grew up listening to all the bands this guy is inspired by.

2,5 / 5

Renata “Pieni” Lino

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