Megascavenger – Descent Of Yuggoth

Descent Of Yuggoth
Due for release/Released: December 2012
Death Metal/Death-Thrash Metal
Released via Label: Selfmadegod Records

‘Descent of Yuggoth’ is the debut album from the Swedish death metal project Megascavenger. It is the follow up to the EP ‘Songs of Flesh’ which was released earlier this year.

Finally some good death metal! It was clear right from the opening riff on the first track ‘Nihilisticon’ that this was going to be something that I would enjoy. Megascavenger’s style is very much rooted in the old school death metal style with hints of thrash metal guitar patterns and the stereotypical growls. Think old Morbid Angel, Vader and possibly Dismember you will have a good idea of what this sounds like.

‘Smokescreen Armageddon’ has some catchy guitar solos in the intro. The pace is a little faster compared to the previous tracks and the guitars sound even more brutal. Another change is the vocals which tend to drift from a growl to shouts and screams. Apparently this album features some guest musicians including singers from other death metal bands such as Morgoth’s Marc Grewe, which would explain the differences in style. There’s also slower tracks on here such as ‘Void Of Damnation’ which really highlights the growling vocals and the skill of the singer as he is able to adjust his voice to the guitar patterns. ‘Funerals And Ceremonies’ has both groove and thrash metal elements in the guitars which make the song sound catchy and brutal at the same time. A powerful combination indeed.

Another noteworthy track is the catchy ‘No Haven For The Sane’ which is the least death metal sounding track on the album due to the predominantly thrash metal-esque guitar riffs and energetic solos. There’s also a mixture of two very different vocal styles: the standard death metal growls and Entombed-esque guttural vocals. An unusual mix but it seems to work.


Iza Raittila

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