Violet Gibson – American Circus

Violet Gibson
“American Circus”
Release date: April 2012
Casket Records / Logic(il)logic Records

Violet Gibson is not just the woman who dared shooting at Mussolini back in 1926. It’s also the name of a new Italian band (originally called Last Vegas). Their sound is harder than modern rock, but not so hard to be considered hard rock, or even post-grunge – calling it a “rock band” is not generic but rather accurate.

All 13 tracks are very easy-listening – whether they’re raw and fast or more ballad-like. The first one, “Go Ahead”, kicks off with a catchy rhythm section along with Matteo Brozzi’s raspy voice. Some 30 seconds later the guitars join in, spiking up the composition. I only listened to it twice and it was already stuck in my head. A video was made for that song, so I guess I wasn’t the only one thinking this was a tune for the masses.

There’s a few ballads in “American Circus”, but the title-track isn’t one of them – despite the acoustic, soft start. It soon gains speed and spunk and delivers another fine rock tune.

Both “Original Sinner” and “The Reason To Be God” have this live-friendly beat, meaning that you can imagine the crowd clapping their hands to it in a concert. As for songs such as “Your Balls On Fire” or “Parasite”, the Guitar-Hero licks will call to your attention.

And then we have the ballads. “Forget About The Rain” is on the border of the definition, as it has some hardness to it. But it’s the kind of hardness that comes from deep feelings and makes you want to scream out loud your feelings. “She Feels Alive”, on the other hand, it’s all softness, even though Brozzi. And “From The Moon To Your Feet” stays somewhere in-between these two, which makes it the best one.

It’s quite refreshing to listen to such straight-forward rock and I recommend these guys to all you rockers out there.

4.5 / 5

Renata “Pieni” Lino

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